I noticed that the therm humanism is associated theses days to atheism.

As if only atheists could be humanist.                                                                              A bit like religions pretending to incarnate human spirituality.

Time to reconsider this fast wrong association.

To trust into the human able to make sense on his own is beyond any dogmatism, and atheism seems just another zealot believer concept more.

The human potential is free to experience himself beyond any doctrine determinism and as curiosity is a main creative virtue of our specie, we might experience far more than the short horizons some wants to limit us to.

Limiting our self to fake though safety s, once pious, now pseudo scientific, showing obviously a pretentious need to appear more serious/ more holier than those “stupid s” and not reflecting science as hypothesis sharing, but as a Victorian concept of superiority, easy to challenge considering his evident actual disastrous effects as new unfailing paradigm  like the old unfailing paradigm, is the same pompous game. It is a form of conceptual territory marking, not based on logic.

Humanism is about philosophical openness , not about “think the right truth”.