I often read people assuming that they will achieve a “higher”level of consciousness by CONTROLLING their self ,what mostly results in controlling their emotions.

In that absurd inner battle we can ask: who controls whom, and who controls the controller controlling?

A very funny neoplatonist(division between “higher” soul/”lower” animal) con artist trick of the head ego demanding subordination from those “wild” feelings unable to “fit in” the expected narcissistic concept.

This attempts bound to fail for evident reasons, will only lead to a false attitude, and an inflationary unconscious ready to burst at the slightest contradiction of the expected effect of such a “pet training”.

Instead of this anal retentive attempt to “control life”, a culture of self acceptance would be of great worth to humanity.

A bit more open minded curiosity without conceptual predeterminism, allowing paradoxes , surprises and changes might allow the human potential to truly be. Some might be frighten by the WHOLE “self” as it might point towards a self far more meaningful as a temporary society pleasing ego.

I welcome self authenticity.