Serious faces Monday, Jan 31 2011 

Considering the palish reactions of the political class,

I thought, I admit, slightly ironic….oh…don’t hold your joy back , when you see citizen going on the streets demanding real democracy and sending despots away.

About system pleasing media, not only in Egypt. Saturday, Jan 29 2011 

Yesterday, I was watching how a television news program was desperately trying to make the population believe not much was happening, during the revolution was occurring in the streets of all main city’s of the land.

A rare moment of direct delusion.

A une rose parmis les papyrus d hiver Saturday, Jan 29 2011 

Une fille courant vers un avenir libre,

Un projectile tire dans la foule,

Une fille au visage en sang,

l incomprehension sur les visages de ses amis ,

et nous?…et nous!… nous sommes pres de toi.

L oiseau retombe du ciel, mais le bruit de son aile

fremis dans milles coeurs battants dans la rue.

How I realised that meditation could sometimes just be another form of addiction Monday, Jan 24 2011 

After years of meditation, I realised that even meditation can become a form of addiction, were one imagine to not be truly oneself without this regular behaviour. Habits, even so called good ones, might create a false concept of safety…if…one does that, takes that, follows that, ….well, relays on a self inflicted ritual. I stopped it straight away!
Now, I only meditate, rarely, when I truly have the wish to do it.

Meditation can be relaxing and might even increase awareness, but beware of any habit one does not truly practice out of free will any more, but one ends even in a subtle manner,  the mental slave of it to go on with one s life.

Meditation as compulsory behaviour is just another drug, an escapism…simply with a better image to a certain group of society, who would probably never consider themselves critical in that matter, would even try to get other into the same practice, and would even assume that it would help those other they would consider as drug addicts, they might finger point at, looking benevolently down , imposing their patronising practice as a form of salvation. Never trying meditation might be experience avoiding, imagining meditation  will solve the worlds issues, too.

If we are more aware through meditation, let s use this awareness all the way long, reflecting what we do, and why we do it. Mistrust those who tells you, meditation is giving up thinking. Beware of flat and easy therm definitions assuming too fast, the  quality of systems and situations. Is Meditation truly good for you, is it not good for you? Think a minute before you answer! What do you truly feel about it? Spitting out a ready to mind cliché might not point towards more inner perception! Maybe meditation might lead one to drop meditation, and consider life in itself as a permanent form of awareness experience. Maybe the reality is more complex than a fast obligatory success story news!

A la dame au pain dans la manif! Sunday, Jan 23 2011 

Chere madame,

Je ne parle pas votre langues, mais j ai compris votre geste! C est un geste universel, de la mere qui a peine a nourir ses enfants.

Ce geste rappelle que la revolution francaise a debute par la speculation sur le ble, creant une malnutrition artificielle .

Que tout ceux qui speculent sur la hausse des prix des denrees de base, se rappellent, que des masses qui ont faim, n ont plus rien a perdrent et qu un peuple en colere est plus fort qu une minorite privilegiee.

Les citoyens d un monde exploite ont faim de justice.

Les grands changements sont en marche.

Merci pour ce beau geste essentiel!

Le sourire malade Saturday, Jan 15 2011 

Et si sourire a des illusions cyniques de futures eternellement prosperes pour certains et de moins en moins pour d autres, detruisant notre planete, etait un acte de deni profondement neurotique et nuisible.
Mais ne confondont pas la morosite petit bourgeoise a une veritable tristesse consciente, non plus!
L attitude depressive bouree de tablettes est un signe de la non expression d emotions necessaires, come la veritable tristesse et la colere evidente.

Ne souriont pas a n importe quoi!

A la vrais vie, pour sure!


Presque l odeur du jasmin nous venant du sud! Saturday, Jan 15 2011 

La fenetre est ouverte,

le soleil inspire l espoire de vie aux bourgeons,

seront ils decus sous peu,

un peu probablement, mais ils persevererons!

Bon courage, cher peuple Tunisien! Saturday, Jan 15 2011 

Mon coeur se joint a votre joie, vous remerciant pour votre determination malgre les repressions, pour votre liberte d expression.

Je revois cet agent provocateur qui bat un homme au sol, et je pense que son pouvoir sur autrui vas finir sous peu.Ils sont les memes partouts, ces opportunistes des pires systemes. Lui, et ceux qu il “protege” de l elan democratique, sont un fin de course. Ceux qui profitent de votre misere en delocalisant vers vous, travailleurs qualifies a salaires minables en vous opposant aux autres travailleurs par cela, aussi, esperons!.

Votre exemple vas semer l espoire dans beaucoup de nations opprimees et de coeurs en soif d une etincelle annoncant de meilleures vies pour tous.

Certains vont essayer de recuperer le mouvement pour leur propres affaires. Cela est deja arrive dans le passe!. Mais tous ces coeurs vaillants de l histoire  croyant en un monde juste et sociale, nous elevent l ame en joie  .

Je vous envoy un  vif remerciment solidaire pardessus la mediterranee!

Underchallenging intelligence as imposed normality Saturday, Jan 15 2011 

The mainstream society has a wrong idea about intelligence, assuming it is only one middle class success trip more. Intelligent are to them, those who climb faster up the rat cage making the right noises without questioning too much the paradigm , and collect lots of good child points for giving “the right expected answers”!. Not to forget an all bunch of “experts” making money and themselves looking “smart” out of this absurd assumption. What a lousy uncreative projection, who I know, many intelligent human don’t fulfill! Those are than those, who truly change the now to prepare the future.

If someone is evidently intelligent but does not please the rat race  or even considers using his intelligence to ask challenging questions or to live differently to what they assume as his “privileges” in the world, I  heard them saying…yes, very intelligent, but must be emotional unripe to not “cooperate” with the dogma of hierarchical superiority!… as if pleasing this corrupt cynical society would be a sign of maturity!

At least in France, I still can openly reflect philosophically with almost everybody I might even just meet, but I wonder how many patroniser from over the pond, I can handle, telling me that their limit of comprehension is the limit of the human potential and has to be the limit of my experiences and thoughts. Mostly making it very clear, that trespassing this smile mainstream border of happy believers would transform me into a frustrated outsider,what tells more about how scary must it be to them to think outside the pre-digested concepts, than about my friends garden and pleasure to live!.

As someone who knows the delight and the troubles , intelligence brings into life, and as someone who feels that this gift is a duty to serve life deeply, not a shallow narcissistic trip more, I have a little demand (who might fall on charitable ground in few…intelligent ones?!):

If you don’t understand, ask questions, instead of trying to reduce my perception to the admiration of the rat cage design.

Why I might end writing my reflections down in latin and then go for a walk! Monday, Jan 10 2011 

The simple words of our language, we use to communicate with each other appear now more and more as new resources some wants to “own” as their privilege. In a way it follows the logic of “owning” nature up to the deepest possible genetic code in each specie. Respecting texts of other is a must, but  at a certain moment, every word or word combination has been used on this planet leading to a decreasing possibility to rewrite them too. The most evident thoughts have been thought before many times, and the way to formulate them, might echo each other  unconsciously.

I noticed that my original aim to have open discourses with other human on here, who could be friends, appears tremendously  innocent compared to the burden to figure out if someone somewhere wrote the same thought in the same way. I wonder how other feel about it, I feel stressed by tasks beyond my real potential. I am probably a bit obsessive about doing what I do the best possible way, but wise enough to recognise my limits in the ability to do so.

I question myself, if I should stop writing, beside for myself and few friends in a more private situation. I feel fragile towards all this increased complexity. Angry too, that another tool, who might have been a joyful opening towards more creativity and democracy, might end as mercantile playground only.

I invite you to share your view on this topic, how you handle the balance between spontaneous  texts and safety scissors in the mind.

I fear that the media who once claimed to improve communication between humans, might lead to a new poverty of it .

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