I wonder more and more if we have more benefits in our life’s through our  shared communication on the internet, or if we simply serve the benefits of more and more enterprises who observe us doing that.

How many self aggrandising brothers & sisters watching us, and pretending to be our friends but who might see us a a bunch of sheep to sell, are good for us?

As long the  advertisings still don’t fit in any way my personality and people get counted after one visit  , I am a bit reassured about the vacuous absurdity of this market, but I am aware that this is only one superficial aspect of the whole voyeuristic trip.

What is the right attitude for me, using it in the hope of a change in culture towards more democracy , a creative way of sharing ideas and the stress resulting from the sensation of an  increasing controlling opacity , who does not truly reflect my first aim to use it.

I meet new friends close to my heart, but also realise a great boring dullness in many other. Could I not use my life time in a more precious way, as arguing with them with the  same repetitive Sisyphean arguments. Do I make truly a difference being in here, doing what I do?

I might end reading real paper books again, listening to an old fashion radio.

And think, what I think, on my own,writing them maybe down on paper.

I  thought anyway that telepathy was a more subtle way of friendship communication.Beside maybe talking directly or on the phone (who hopefully does not break up, due to selling the service before improving the potential of the  line), writing letters (who hopefully arrive, even in a deregulated cheap labour post system). Sending messages through pigeon might be more evident. Ah, post modern logistic, how you annoy me!

Had they not promise us that all this would make life more easy and simple?

It starts to get annoyingly overcomplicated to me,

I might create myself another way of living my life.