The simple words of our language, we use to communicate with each other appear now more and more as new resources some wants to “own” as their privilege. In a way it follows the logic of “owning” nature up to the deepest possible genetic code in each specie. Respecting texts of other is a must, but  at a certain moment, every word or word combination has been used on this planet leading to a decreasing possibility to rewrite them too. The most evident thoughts have been thought before many times, and the way to formulate them, might echo each other  unconsciously.

I noticed that my original aim to have open discourses with other human on here, who could be friends, appears tremendously  innocent compared to the burden to figure out if someone somewhere wrote the same thought in the same way. I wonder how other feel about it, I feel stressed by tasks beyond my real potential. I am probably a bit obsessive about doing what I do the best possible way, but wise enough to recognise my limits in the ability to do so.

I question myself, if I should stop writing, beside for myself and few friends in a more private situation. I feel fragile towards all this increased complexity. Angry too, that another tool, who might have been a joyful opening towards more creativity and democracy, might end as mercantile playground only.

I invite you to share your view on this topic, how you handle the balance between spontaneous  texts and safety scissors in the mind.

I fear that the media who once claimed to improve communication between humans, might lead to a new poverty of it .