The mainstream society has a wrong idea about intelligence, assuming it is only one middle class success trip more. Intelligent are to them, those who climb faster up the rat cage making the right noises without questioning too much the paradigm , and collect lots of good child points for giving “the right expected answers”!. Not to forget an all bunch of “experts” making money and themselves looking “smart” out of this absurd assumption. What a lousy uncreative projection, who I know, many intelligent human don’t fulfill! Those are than those, who truly change the now to prepare the future.

If someone is evidently intelligent but does not please the rat race  or even considers using his intelligence to ask challenging questions or to live differently to what they assume as his “privileges” in the world, I  heard them saying…yes, very intelligent, but must be emotional unripe to not “cooperate” with the dogma of hierarchical superiority!… as if pleasing this corrupt cynical society would be a sign of maturity!

At least in France, I still can openly reflect philosophically with almost everybody I might even just meet, but I wonder how many patroniser from over the pond, I can handle, telling me that their limit of comprehension is the limit of the human potential and has to be the limit of my experiences and thoughts. Mostly making it very clear, that trespassing this smile mainstream border of happy believers would transform me into a frustrated outsider,what tells more about how scary must it be to them to think outside the pre-digested concepts, than about my friends garden and pleasure to live!.

As someone who knows the delight and the troubles , intelligence brings into life, and as someone who feels that this gift is a duty to serve life deeply, not a shallow narcissistic trip more, I have a little demand (who might fall on charitable ground in few…intelligent ones?!):

If you don’t understand, ask questions, instead of trying to reduce my perception to the admiration of the rat cage design.