As long the body and mind of women is repressed, pretending to stabilise any society, we can hardly speak of culture but of power structures damaging both gender, as the repression of one gender impacts the other, forcing him too into a limiting role model, reducing his own free expression.
The wish to dominate is not natural, but an expression of a deep fear.
If some men are so easily aroused by the view of an unveiled women,
let them wear oversized pants, eye covering veils and stay in houses to protect their dignity. Men who can not stand the view of a women in public, should stay at home.

As long the genital mutilation of millions is less a concern than oil in the debate between the nations, we know what matters more worldwide, human integrity or speculative resources.

As long the female aspect gets repressed in many way, our chances to survive as specie will be reduced by the old destructive macho posturing games.

Nature is the playful expression of both aspects, and to preserve life on this planet we need to support each other, instead of supporting artificial divisions between men and women. Intelligent human care for each other .