Allons nous voir de la publicite pro nucleaire aujourd hui? Tuesday, Apr 26 2011 

La publicite animee pour le nucleaire…me rassure tellement.
Non, le monde n est pas cynique, mais beau et gai et sans danger.

Certains espere la memoire courte d une nouvelle generation, les memes qui assurent que les humains sauront gerer les dechets radioactifs pendant des milliers de generations.

Ils sont supposes aider a resoudre un probleme au japon.

Ils savent si bien faire, ces gens serieux. J entend des informations, il me semble que l on parle de calme ,…. des problemes surmontables . Rien, en fait a s allarmer ! Je regarde attendrie les petits nuages blancs a l horizon, ah…ma patrie aux belles centrales nucleaires pres des fleuves et des chateaux.

Lilac in the air, potatoes in the ground Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 

The lilac is in bloom,

time to plant little purple potatoes,

for a violet dinner, once!

In support of the values of the french lay society in the debate about the integral veil in public Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 

Even if the new debate about the integral veil has been clearly a populism of the right wing government to distract from his social inefficacy,  I am not going to make the mistake to assume that it is a progressive combat to fight for the pretend freedom to hide away the female face .

Considering the provocative use of this kind of clothes by a very small minority of  Muslim political fundamentalist in need of attention (the opposite of what the veil is supposed to prevent in public), I welcome this law reaffirming the respect of France as a lay society.

I myself find it very offensive and trespassing my sense for privacy to be forced to an over intimacy into the space of the eyes of another person as only communication  indication  . What kind of concept about men does such a costume affirm ?

I have the feeling that reactionary doctrines are well shared by people of all boards flattering their own pride, who think that everything opposes them. Same kind of limited view on reality.

Un moment tactile fugace grace a une simple feuille verte pleine de vie au printemps Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 

J aime toucher les jeunes feuilles vertes et douces, au printemps.

Que dire de plus,

le bonheur est parfois un si simple geste.

In memory of Juliano Mer-Khamis Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 

At the start of spring, Juliano has been killed. He tried with courage to oppose art to the absurdity of a conflict in a region who would need peace and social justice to cure the wounds created by limited minds.

They think, they killed his spirit. How wrong can they be. Love can not be stopped on his way overcoming violence. It is the more deeper process and will succeed naturally, after all.

Un petit signe de sympathie vers Monsieur Alexandre Jardin Tuesday, Apr 12 2011 

Monsieur Alexandre Jardin me semble parler avec une grande honnete face a lui meme et l histoire de sa famille dans son dernier livre. Cela me touche, meme si l histoire de ma famille est bien differente.

J ai l impression que cette profondeur derange, qu il recoit meme un blame pour son introspection partagee  ouvertement , et quand j entends les accusations portees contre lui, je me sent proche de sa demarche  .

Je trouve, qu il  y a des moments ou le combat entre la recherche de la vie authentique  et la superficialite  absurde d une certaine societe est evident. Chacun qui essay de croire en un autre potentiel humain, semble etre rappeller dans les rangs d une normalite, qui ne l est pas.

Bon courage, Monsieur Alexandre Jardin!

Mistrusted metamorphose of bulbs Tuesday, Apr 12 2011 

Is it a hazard or not,

that many of those flowers who surprise us at spring,

are too often not those we thought we had planted at harvest?

Say no to literature prizes and other public relation ranking vanitys Tuesday, Apr 12 2011 

John  Le Carré grew very much in my respect these days.

Ever thought that associating a prize with a famous name is not necessary to the favour of the winner? Who are these people who think that the  motivation of writing is participating to a starlet contest? What about the probable advantage to associate the image of the sponsor of the prize to the life long self earned fame of this author?  Do we believe that each engagement into culture and charity is born out of noble intentions?

Considering the choices of the last years, and the philosophical absurdity of pleasing the need of a cultural and social failing middle class for orientation through lists, it is very obvious that distancing oneself from it, is a sign of self respect. Something this up climbing, down looking class does not understand , lost as they are in their vacuous image polishing and unable to recognize who flatters their shallow conformity and what for.

The true winners these days are those who don’t participate to the illusion of grandeur of this failing greed empire, but know that an ethical life is also about saying no.

Views on the world might be different, but a sense for values might remain the same. Who needs dry laurel when one has a vital acuity .

I dont need a nuclear necessity! Tuesday, Apr 12 2011 

Wished we could afford more de-central alternative energy (we work towards it!) for more independence , but already by reducing our use of electricity…

may I proudly announce that our household has succeed to reduce the already low electricity bill to the half !

What keeps you back from doing the same?

Disastrous addictions can be cured if one understands how destructive for society and one self, they are.

Do we need more resource greedy gimmicks, or more care of our real  human needs ?