Revolution… coming to your town too in soon ! Wednesday, May 25 2011 

After some discovered that citizen in distant country’s might demand real democracy’s,
After some discovered that many people around the world wants real changes,

They might discover that even the old empires have many inhabitants who have enough of the hypocrite “profit for few, absurdity for all” game,
and go on the street, on the places, in the parks inventing together another more human society.

After the breeze…willow seeds in the air, willow seeds on the garden. Tuesday, May 24 2011 

Particles falling from the willow tree

after the quarrel of two magpies

in their nest on the highest branch ,

are caught by spider webs in the sunlight .

Response to someone writing about someone who might be me … Friday, May 20 2011 

Few words more about my self ( understanding very well in herself the nature of  an anguis fragilis having a nap under a bucket, suddenly exposed to the sun!) :

…not to mention her dyslexic outbursts of creativity,

and her notable temerarious shyness!…

Whistles a singsong never heard before,

and never repeated (maybe beside from few birds who liked those tunes!)

watching the quiet clouds of the morning,

announcing a later storm and revolution.

Antiphon might have agreed with me that humanity benefits from introspective redemption through the skills of conversation.

Quelques paroles d une feministe contre un certain feminisme pretextant parler a notre place! Thursday, May 19 2011 

Je suis feministe, de mere en fille depuis des generations, et par cela meme je suis outree par  l attitude de certaines qui ont des aventages de parole face aux medias que la plupart de nous n ont pas, et qui assument que nous toutes considerons  que la propagande politique utilisant la bien pensance  obligatoire  nous semble un progres et qu elles peuvent parler en nous incluant dans ce genre de discours.

Je n ai jamais supporte  le socialisme bourgeois et certe non la droite, je n ai pas envie de voter pour tout(e)s ces carrieristes que l on nous propose comme pseudo alternatives. Je ne sais pas se qui c  est passe dans la vie de certaines personnes surmediatisees.  Cela n est pas mon propos ici.

Je demande seulment que l on arrete de nous reduire a des especes de pensees normatives de l idee facile sur chacun/chacune. Un peu plus de doute philosophique me semble un aventage sur l opposition de personnes debitant des cliches soi-disant contradictoires, mais en verite bien rodes dans ces joutes rhetoriques supportant une vision du monde commune niants pleins d arguments en contradiction avec  les soi-disantes valeurs de ce beau monde.

Le soutien de chaque victime me semble une solidarite naturelle.

Associer le therme femme et le therme victime, comme si cela allait de soi, me semble une idee tres questionable et je me demande qui  utilise certains cliches moralisateurs et mythes limitants pretendant l absurde:

Etre porte parole de celles que l on suppose egales en faculte d affirme la propre parole. Exprimer vous mesdames, mais pas a ma place!

Un brin d esprit baroque Friday, May 13 2011 

Pres d une riviere, pres de prairies vertes et sauvages bordees d arbres,
J ai ouie des musiciens jouant d instruments d un autre temps,
des jeunes chanteurs dansant sur des melodies dediees a un autre soleil.
Quelle soiree douce enchantee par la musique de Marc-Antoine Charpentier.

Sur le chemin du retour, nous chantiame nos propres songes ,
rencontrant cinq lapins, un lievre, un herisson et une bande de sangliers,
sous un ciel etoile illuminant une campagne pretendant le someil.
Une brise soufflant des vagues sur les champs trops sages,
remplissait l air des aromes de roses rustiques et d herbes folles.

Is a certain illusion of safety worth the neglect of essential human rights? Monday, May 9 2011 

Considering that the surveillance society who has been legitimated through the “war against terrorism” has succeed to put each citizen under suspicion, allowing the control of our privacy for this higher goal, I ask myself what has created the most damage on our democracy’s ?

The old adage seems still pertinent making us ask who profits from a certain atmosphere of fear.

About the return of the bourgeoise idea of educating servants Saturday, May 7 2011 

A certain charitable middle class has invented an almost real job solution for the poor, they insist to repeat like one stupid catchphrase more, of the same social worth as many of these brainwashing mantras spread from the media who pretends to solve solution by neglecting the own participation in a disastrous situation and ignoring the most aspects of a supposed problem who remains mostly an avoiding  side issue ignoring the society evidence in the middle of the room.

Their newest brilliant idea, is to …again…re-educate unemployed citizen, by providing them with work for the benefit of society. Means, Gardening for city’s, caring for older, being employed by enterprises who get subventions.

Instead of changing society through real participative democracy and citizen money for all without conditions, what would truly allow real caring and creativity to unfold trusting the human potential truly, the old punitive patronising reflex points up his abusive finger pointing pride, pretending that it will bring back work who has been since long delocalised by a profit driven speculation.

Work deserves an honest salary and not welfare sponsoring of favours done to another group of society expecting privileges and in need of an underpaid class of workers forces to please such a system to obtain the essential for a living.

Instead of repeating these new social insanity’s dividing our democracy, flattering the self worth of a failing middle class with an extreme rigidity towards real changes and still attracted by a disastrous role model of some even more thoughtless abusive wealthy, it is truly time to think about new cooperative inclusive forms of caring for our future.

Our social reality can not be cured by humiliating concepts, but by real engagement . Painting little flowers over capitalist exploitation is simply participation to the evil through superficial absurdity.

The whole system needs to be rethink by all for all.

After the rain…the smell of cut grass in the sun Wednesday, May 4 2011 

After the precise moves of the scythe

have cut through the grass,

the air is filled with the multiple fragrances of herbs.

Journalism or lazy propaganda colportage? Tuesday, May 3 2011 

In the past a journalist knew that he had to double check information before communicating it in his media to the public. This days of the too fast news, where sensationalism often replaces reflection, I allow myself a few subjective thoughts about affirmations I hear, which make me think more of brainwashed collective  hysteria than information about  facts.

In the moment it gets evident that some myth about the Arab world is falling apart through the engagement of citizen for democracy in those countries, and that innocent people might have been retained over years  for absurd reasons on a ground they could not obtain a fair trial , suddenly the main figure legitimating the increased control of all citizen worldwide and decline of democratic rights for ‘safety’ reasons, has been killed.

From whom do we know this? From the same bureaucracy who affirmed her importance after the cold war through the war against terrorism? From a system who affirmed the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq ?

Politicians watch a battle . Do I truly hear : ” Operation Geronimo” ?. I can not believe such a missing of cultural subtlety.

I hear, a person has been killed and is supposed to be the terrorist Osama bin Laden and as his body is now in the sea , we are supposed to believe those institution’s, we have learned to ‘trust’ over the years for their efficient way of handling the truth.

Adding to that a speech, I could not listen up the end, as it sounded to me like populist sugar for the tea of a certain party, …I can not say if a word was said about the local victims of the wars, and I doubt that the inclusive ‘we’ , was  welcomed by those who fight against a politic and economy serving the oil and armament profits.

I see agitated people on the street confusing hateful projection with foreign politic who remind me other dogmatic ones.

Some  never understood that European who had many city’s destroyed  are less inclined to use war in conflict situation . Many of us, in Europe have difficulties to understand a certain vision based on an illusion of the own potential to dominate to the world.

We get told that our safety is again in danger,….again!. Means more restrictions and an ambiance of fear serving probably not only our security.

I have the feeling, that the options for decent  information is  in danger too.

Why I enjoy little royal happenings. Sunday, May 1 2011 

(written in my diary, a day before a certain celebration!)
Probably for the same absurd reason, I support the boat of Cambridge.

A penchant for oversized hats,
weird genes,
family tradition,

and because the dandy in me, knows that changes might come from a very unexpected side.

(Good luck to two gentle humans in a difficult environment! )

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