About famine, speculation, charity, cynism and humanity. Wednesday, Jul 27 2011 

Anything to say,

maybe about the connection between speculation and climate change?

maybe about the connection between speculation and perpetuation of wars?

maybe about the connection between speculation on resources and starvation?

maybe about the role of charity organisations in a system of greed?

maybe about media , sensationalism and information quality of news?

maybe about the possible profit expected through “improving” zones  who have been destroyed before?


Thought so!

This world needs social justice, not tax deductible charity!

le jour, la nuit, le son distant des moissoneuses en debut d ete. Friday, Jul 22 2011 

(Ecrit fin juin sur mon cahier!.)
Ils recoltes si tot,
que vont-ils faire
des champs nus,
jusqu a l automne?

Les hatifs avides de future,
ont transforme le climat,
jusqu a ce que les saisons,
manque de temps.

Lilac in the air, potatoes in the ground Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 

The lilac is in bloom,

time to plant little purple potatoes,

for a violet dinner, once!

Un moment tactile fugace grace a une simple feuille verte pleine de vie au printemps Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 

J aime toucher les jeunes feuilles vertes et douces, au printemps.

Que dire de plus,

le bonheur est parfois un si simple geste.

Learn to listen to Cassandra before they call catastrophes unexpected Monday, Mar 14 2011 

Natural catastrophes are overwhelming situations, humanity has learned to handle with common solidarity over the century.

Human made catastrophes are mostly the results of a long neglect of problems and something we could consider as a partial society amnesia of reality and a hybris projection of the own capacity’s to handle the future.

The problems occurring are than deeper as they have to overcome a generalised desensitisation who had exclude critical voices  out of consciousness. Suddenly the expectation for scientific wonder appears like very irrational wishes for pious miracles who will not come.

Instead of considering nature as our worse enemy and by that also doubting the wisdom of our own nature , let s question ourself if we allow to be impressed by pseudo serious posturing imposing us a highly artificial lifestyle for the sake of some divisive economy and if this is truly a cultivated healthy form of society with life quality hope for future generations.

The cranes are back, the agricultural dinosaurs too ! Saturday, Feb 19 2011 

In the early morning, but still at night , I got waked up by some loud oversized tractor  flashing his lights into my room. Attached to this obvious ecological mess some might call a wonder of end of thoughtful logic technology, was a tool who was obviously meant to dig a half field in one go. I decided this was not an alien spaceship  but weekend, the favourite farmer workdays to show off their new toys to those who made the mistake to expect recreative silence in the countryside . Drifting back into Morpheus arms, I rant something into my pillow like speculator laquais,  and …zzz!.

In the afternoon, the first cranes passed through the sky, definitely spring is coming now.

About charity glamour instead of social justice Saturday, Feb 5 2011 

It is unbelievable to me how much the sub texts behind the noble causes don’t get understood by certain who are captivated by the good outlook of these activities. But maybe this candid innocence is a part of the system.

Some hug little African baby’s…but I hear, investment into bio technology. Some talk about solving malnutrition issues , but it sounds like agro chemical profits. Some talk about overpopulation issues, but are we sure it is not about eugenic ?. Some talk about meritocratic education, but how much is it selection of the  most careless elbows?. Some talk about ecology support, but how much it is simply a marketing strategy? . Some are into donations, but how much is it simply tax deduction and money going towards sub enterprises. How much is it publicity and image improvement?

Are these hearts of gold, generous to their consumer, to the workers working for these enterprises, to the miners digging the resources needed for their products, nature and social environment…?

Common get real…social justice is not about the generosity of the wealthy , it is real social change based on the true awareness of our interconnection and the respect of the human rights for all.

Few thoughts to this world cancer day! Friday, Feb 4 2011 

And again, I heard how important sportive activity and healthy eating are contributing to the prevention of cancer.

Did I miss something or was something missing, like pointing towards the effects of the enormous amount of untested or poisonous chemicals in food, water and environment,who  might have a disastrous effects on our own biology and might contribute to the increasing of cancer and other diseases in our society’s.

I just wonder how much over individualising health issues is just a part of the system delusion who does not want to truly  ask the disturbing questions who might change the whole society towards a greater respect of our true human needs if we face them with courage, but might disturb the profits of few.

Maybe prevention is more than an individual success against multiple unhealthy factors impacting nature.

A la dame au pain dans la manif! Sunday, Jan 23 2011 

Chere madame,

Je ne parle pas votre langues, mais j ai compris votre geste! C est un geste universel, de la mere qui a peine a nourir ses enfants.

Ce geste rappelle que la revolution francaise a debute par la speculation sur le ble, creant une malnutrition artificielle .

Que tout ceux qui speculent sur la hausse des prix des denrees de base, se rappellent, que des masses qui ont faim, n ont plus rien a perdrent et qu un peuple en colere est plus fort qu une minorite privilegiee.

Les citoyens d un monde exploite ont faim de justice.

Les grands changements sont en marche.

Merci pour ce beau geste essentiel!

En memoire d Henri Nanot Tuesday, Dec 21 2010 

J ai decouvert recemment ce paysan poete, Resitant et humain digne de ce nom, victime de l hypocrisie de certains “biens pensants”.

Combien d etres libres interieurement comme lui, souffrent de la betisse facile de ceux qui pensent qu a la preservations de leurs petits privileges.

On ne peut qu etre reconnaissant, qu ils nous ont laisse certaines traces dans le temps , par leur art et leur vie, qui renforce notre courage d etre nous meme.

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