After the breeze…willow seeds in the air, willow seeds on the garden. Tuesday, May 24 2011 

Particles falling from the willow tree

after the quarrel of two magpies

in their nest on the highest branch ,

are caught by spider webs in the sunlight .

The cranes are back, the agricultural dinosaurs too ! Saturday, Feb 19 2011 

In the early morning, but still at night , I got waked up by some loud oversized tractor  flashing his lights into my room. Attached to this obvious ecological mess some might call a wonder of end of thoughtful logic technology, was a tool who was obviously meant to dig a half field in one go. I decided this was not an alien spaceship  but weekend, the favourite farmer workdays to show off their new toys to those who made the mistake to expect recreative silence in the countryside . Drifting back into Morpheus arms, I rant something into my pillow like speculator laquais,  and …zzz!.

In the afternoon, the first cranes passed through the sky, definitely spring is coming now.

Traces of hybris Monday, Dec 27 2010 

Blood in the snow,

an animal had to die,

to prevent the hunter,

from the boredom of a family afternoon.

hedgehog at the door Wednesday, Dec 1 2010 

Little hedgehog,

are you not supposed to hibernate ,

instead of sharing with the robin the kitten bowl ?


Owl s old wisdom Saturday, Nov 27 2010 

A couple of owls

flying curves over our heads

what does these old philosophers have in mind?


A bird in the fresh air of autumn Sunday, Nov 21 2010 

Leaving the flog,

flying backwards,

to support some leftovers.

The essential written with wings in the sky!

Does TV cooking feed us truly? Thursday, Oct 28 2010 

One of the favourite cheap TV screen filling productions these days are “cooking shows” or even worse, competition cooking shows where severe cook decide about the ability’s to “please” of competition hungry attention seekers.

A farce considering that the most watching these  “masterpieces” are eating profit driven lousy food “oeuvres” instead of simple natural food who turned to be now “elite reserved”.

Is virtual “cuisine” not just another deprivation, deviating the attention from our true needs to obsessive considerations limiting us to an horizon not trespassing the limits of our plate? Are we suppose to salivate at the sound of the bell of eternal bounty filled with virtual  inflationary recipe and to retrograde to an oral immaturity willing to welcome each dissatisfaction  served by a new “boom”? Guess some plates will remain empty!


Robin on a branch Saturday, Oct 23 2010 

A robin and I had a conversation

both bowing the heads like old polite japanese,

each time we exchanged few noises.

High apples Thursday, Oct 14 2010 

Who would have think,                                                                                                            that, to bake an upside down apple tarte,                                                                         one has to jump up,                                                                                                                           reaching out with the fingertips                                                                                                to the higher bigger juicier sun ripe apples.

During this!…. birds picking them easy and delighted!

Red squirrels Monday, Sep 27 2010 

I share the bounty of my nut trees with these elegant self assured little jumpers. So glad to live in an island of resistance where the red ones are not overrun by the grey ones (none seen up now!).  Wish you luck guys! With solidarity support from one specie in danger of extinction to another.