How much heat do we truly “need”? Monday, Dec 20 2010 

From year to year , I need less heat at winter.

A little wood fire to cock the meal or a bit in the evening and that’s it.

Wrapped in blankets and half gloves when I write,

Onion layers of pullovers & clothes,

Thick old walls, walking &working outside,

well covered at night,

An epigenetic memory of those ancestors, who survived with less”comfort”, like making friendship with a colder season, and being surprised about the own capacity to handle it.

The “normal” heated houses and stores appears terribly overheated, and strangely tiring. After visiting them, I feel a lost of energy.

A little bit more freedom !

The dark shadows of cathedrals Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 

The most visitors of feudal cathedrals are easily impressed by the megalomaniac “sky reaching” dimensions of these places. But too rarely, the guides indicate , how cathars and other “heretics”, who s stolen wealth got often use to build up those master architecture, are still depicted by the violent dominant, in mockery stones on portals, friezes and art to teach the masses the danger of non obedience to power structures and dogmatic doctrines .

The indoctrination aspect of “pious” art is also a long history of depicting elites associating themselves with it as metaphysical unquestionable evidences.

The frontal elevated position facing the masses creates another design language of power hierarchy. ( Some media still instruments too, like at the last UK election, presenting the 3 party/one neoliberal show in such a “natural “environment placement of the candidates facing the public.)

The separation of clergy “space” defines their go between function too.

The light , the  statues are “look down” graces illuminating the hearts from above.

We can enjoy the craftsmanship of generations of skilled humans, but we have to recognise the signs behind the signs. Architecture is not neutral.

In a silent moment, unimpressed by the organ tremolos and the fog of incense and candle, lets memorise all those who suffered due to these brainwashing factory’s.

Instead of celeste highs “out of reach”, lets ground back in nature and lets enjoy simply an allee s of trees bending their branches towards each other in the natural light. A natural spirited protection.

Falling trees Friday, Oct 1 2010 

I hear about the cutting of old trees in a park to make space for “a project”. I hear old people, young people have been wounded who tried to protect them in a city where normally everything is quiet&bourgeois. Suddenly the citizen understand the violent cynical determination of the “jobs for the boys” clique.

All that is far away but even domesticated media bring glimpse of the world everywhere. Seeing those trees, those people, those mockery lies they face, I had solidarity tears in my eyes too.

Post modern “art” at Versailles Tuesday, Sep 28 2010 

Obviously due to the little  “improve the market worth ” through the cynical art media circus, who instruments a national heritage for his own speculative purposes, tourists visiting the castle of Versailles gets forced to “improve” their taste towards post modern “art” put in the middle of their way.

I imagine easy, some could do without and would be delighted, even on a fast “push the tourist through” to dream a bit on their own in the ambience they expected originally as they made their choice.The Japanese might have enough manga culture “at home”already.But Can we expect Japaness inheritage to welcome french trash art too?

Not enough to press Marie Antoinette into a stupid girlie film concept full of pink and petits fours, no, let her ghost stumble about “easy sugary eye catcher”.How nicccceeee! (Nescius:ignorant).

Just another example how OUR culture  institutions (pay by tax) are used for THEIR fat cat profits.

Time for a REAL little revolution again instead of this easy speculative provocation, shopping taste.

They forgot the last ones, too easy!

It is OUR national citizen inheritage, not THEIR nouveaux riches elitist playground .

Infrastructure “developpment” Monday, Sep 27 2010 

You wonder about all this projects build against the will of citizen, with the determinate insistence of politicians supposed to represent them, but affirming “it s for your own good”. All these gigantic ecological &social careless projects ,these bridges build in the middle of nowhere going nowhere, this shopping malls replacing other shopping malls without customers before and after, the empting of life inside towns the tax supported yuppieising of propriety “improvement” creating dead city centre and social outcast suburbs, this burning of  houses&woods on “attractive”eras, the destruction of old trees in park s for pretend “safety reasons” replanted fast new “safe” representative projects , this superficial over dimensional “art” improving the “attractivity” of a region, the new demands of more streets and more pseudo eco demands imposing  new “nice” standards deviating from the REAL ecological issues  , abusive farming and nuclear power waste under your garden and wars you didn’t ask for killing people you never meet, and so on….Welcome into the nepotist paradise of the friends helping the friends to make booming profits.

Journee du patrimoine Saturday, Sep 18 2010 

Une bonne occasion d entrer par la grande porte pour rencontrer notre histoire.

“phallic” architecture Thursday, Aug 26 2010 

The obsession to still build “the highest towers” with mirroring shine &steal and high phobic glass pseudo transparent nightmares reflects still the concept of society of many architects projecting their ego on us all, and by that their inability to think truly social&resource environmentally. Alibi “green” is not good enough!

Instead of adapting humans to hybrid architecture, architecture should aim to serve the needs of human for shelter in simple to build available for all solutions.

Imposing sex toy shapes on urban skylines is NOT living satisfaction either, specially when on the ground, the division grows and the digital code  pretend “safe housing” gets neatly separated from those “suburb” who are only considered as “next playground to ruin down for estate speculation”with high walls.

Empty reflections of pretend “IN” citys, are “Potemkin  village” illusions empty of real life. A cafe late society chasing away a real creative but poor boeheme or old “locals”and naturally grown neighbourhoods  leads to soulless “everywhere the same boredom “towns. Glitter flashy architecture has too long shadows darkening the life of too many.

City’s where only  superficial profit “needs” can survive, are DEAD STRUCTURES.