About different tribes destroying urban structures, these days in London and elsewhere! Sunday, Aug 14 2011 

In memory of George Orwell, and all the other who warned out of real concern this little island in the hands of mercantile parvenus who dislike intellectuals and prefer to associate power and wealth with divisive moral suffisance, unable to any inclusive philosophical analyse.

Having worked with young people in so called difficult eras, and with politicians, I doubt that I would suspect more aggressive potential in the first and more ethical integrity in the second.

What level of cultivation can be expect of a society who is still lost in some Cromwellian era role model where a self-righteous bigot patronising curtain pulling hysteria has “progressed” to finger pointing on demand of authority’s at the evil neighbourhood on big screens in the middle of the city?

This screens don’t only show some rioters, they show how some wants to manipulate citizen into a voyeuristic holier-than-thou concept of society willing to accept thoughtless the worse responses unable to integrate conflicts in the own perspective as signs to recognise instead as disturbances to repress.

What an extraordinary psychological finesse of structures who reminds in recent memory for the subtle approach with data’s and information politic.

Now let see on whom these vision points!
On those who start wars on lies and neglect 1 million of citizen in the streets or and those who perpetuate these wars or on those who are acting out the local macho territory games?
Are plotting elites trying to remain in power, and gangs trying to obtain power so different in their driven fear of testosterone withdrawal?
Is it not to convenient to deviate from the stock market devastating greed towards those who repeat those deregulated values on their hopeless level?
How destructive on social coherence is property speculation and the cuts on essential social structures to preserve the privileges of the few willing to devastate democracies?
How dangerous are those instrumenting clichés to preserve their positions?
Which delusional tribe is too willing to pretends society is made out of satisfied entrepreneurs and its everybody s own determinism who makes the difference?
Who are all those upset bystanders who claim that the middle class mantra of : “please upwards, finger point downwards, look away from reality!” is truly working for them?
Who demand soldiers to fight against children in the streets?
What legitimate the humiliations done to citizen to comfort those who gamble society downwards and get bonuses for their cynicism?
Who expect their safe pensions from deregulated fond’s increasing through violent global exploitation?
Who are those who obtain their positions without real skills and great values through nepotism in an extremely class divided society and blame without shame those who suffer from this injustice?
Who are those obsessed with cleanness as surface value image when the collective social reality is obvious to each willing to see?
Which helplessness makes parents feel in need to pretend prison will teach their children values? Who tries to drive a wedge between so called good and  bad parents, the valuable and unworthy citizen, as if society was not our all common ground in need of mutual solidarity and compassion in difficult times and shared joy in good ones?
Which extremely limited ability to extrapolate situations in assuming that taking away the minimum of some and kicking family’s out of homes will increase safety?
Could it be that some who get put into the scapegoat role of acting out with their body rage the repressed anger of those far too silent quiet voices accepting all abuses done to society as long it comes from above?
Do some assume their failures when they only reacts when car burns and windows are broken ? And do they if they only provide more of the same failing responses and vacuous speeches? What responsibility have media repeating them and the same distracting entertainment news without deeper journalistic considerations? Are people in prison less costly to the tax payers than a decent social infrastructure?
Who has truly a profit agitating the puppets in the foreground and the mob with revenge propaganda leading to more fear and mutual control ?
Which regimes promise concepts of safety to the masses if they only behave mannered system conform and not controversial opponent?
What rigid mindset is required to believe them and to participate with multiple daily little acts of repressions of the evident truth?
Here we go, you got the idea!

Don t expect to escape the urban violent madness in the countryside.
Hedges, trees, landscapes, environment get s destroyed with great engines to provide resources to fuel  speculation worldwide without much regard for the well being of local communities . Any camera seeing them ?

Some pretend to care about the condition of a victim to steal from him which disrupts his sense of confidence in other humans.
Some take away the kind of goods which get permanently tangled in front of their minds as unreachable necessary satisfactions and fail to pay for their rudely obtained petty toys.
Over achieving the cynical goals promoted by those dividing the world into winners and losers.

I bet some blame climate change on the breakfast habits of the youngsters!

Those unwilling to understand the interaction of all aspects on each other and their own impacts in it, get the society they deserve. All are a part of society, not only those repeating the sound good noises they are suppose to make to beg for membership.
Democratic society’s are not private elitist clubs even if some expect us to believe it.

Instead of repeating the worse models of history experiences,
lets oppose us to them as long we still can speak up against them.

What will happen next….up to each of us!

Why I enjoy little royal happenings. Sunday, May 1 2011 

(written in my diary, a day before a certain celebration!)
Probably for the same absurd reason, I support the boat of Cambridge.

A penchant for oversized hats,
weird genes,
family tradition,

and because the dandy in me, knows that changes might come from a very unexpected side.

(Good luck to two gentle humans in a difficult environment! )

Say no to literature prizes and other public relation ranking vanitys Tuesday, Apr 12 2011 

John  Le Carré grew very much in my respect these days.

Ever thought that associating a prize with a famous name is not necessary to the favour of the winner? Who are these people who think that the  motivation of writing is participating to a starlet contest? What about the probable advantage to associate the image of the sponsor of the prize to the life long self earned fame of this author?  Do we believe that each engagement into culture and charity is born out of noble intentions?

Considering the choices of the last years, and the philosophical absurdity of pleasing the need of a cultural and social failing middle class for orientation through lists, it is very obvious that distancing oneself from it, is a sign of self respect. Something this up climbing, down looking class does not understand , lost as they are in their vacuous image polishing and unable to recognize who flatters their shallow conformity and what for.

The true winners these days are those who don’t participate to the illusion of grandeur of this failing greed empire, but know that an ethical life is also about saying no.

Views on the world might be different, but a sense for values might remain the same. Who needs dry laurel when one has a vital acuity .

Do I hear, some people in England are waking up to social reality? Sunday, Mar 27 2011 

The usual selective pictures from demonstrations made by the usual biased media .

Are you sure that the usual window destroyer is not the usual agent procateur supposed to descredit like usual the peacefull demonstration?
To the cuts in the budget, I only wonder how long it takes the middle class to realise capitalism is social destructive. Supporting the worse systems  till it affects the own comfort, is a bit absurd. How many of these people don’t want real changes, they want participation to the elite system. Sorry, but that is a too limited understanding of the problem. How many have not realised that the middle class is as disposable now as the working class? Are they in danger to loose their go between function ? I just wonder to have not seen many of them before in an angry mood in the streets?  Did you not know that your Island of the prosper winners till eternity, belongs to the most extremely class divided country’s on earth? As if any of the past governments, had not support , despite some propaganda speeches before votes , exactly that division. Wake up, these are the same kind of guys/girls as the last bunch, playing the same careless game.

Even If I consider it as a wonder that the too quiet Island wakes up out of her entrepreneur determinate stupor , I hope this is only the start of a greater introspection.

Even if I get the impression, that the system will disappear under the immense weight of his own disconnected stupidity and the inability of those in power, to think further then their own importance.

…did I mention, profit pleasing lobby puppets from whatever party, are disposable too. Real democracy is possible.

How big is an increasingly divided class society on a small island? Monday, Feb 21 2011 

This fat cat minority pleasing using the old fake unity noises of the nation in dispear, reminds me the use of the word we, when troubles are collectivised during the profits remain divided.

Politicians seems unable to notice how insulting to the intelligence of many, the  reality shallow repeated stupid mantras of stink tanks and speech writers are.

They might understand the real signification of their vacuous sound good noise, if the anger in society grows and great amount of citizen who have been patient far too long, appears at their door to demand real democratic changes.

Student demonstrations Sunday, Nov 28 2010 

I just wonder if the angry students just demand their participation crumbles of the neoliberal privilege cake from those pretend job factory’s  or if they are truly questioning the brainwashing package given to the aspiring middle class in fear of failure, the perpetuation of the divisive “lick upwards, kick downwards, look away!” way of life delusion.

Learning is happening anyway permanently, so lets question the true reality wisdom quality of this districts of “select” elite formatting . You want to be “on of them” you just fight now? Is that not a bit hypocritical? You truly think, it s only about the amount of debts and not about deeper artificial tribal “belonging” games?

I can imagine a complete different approach based on creative curiosity and pleasure, our true neurological bridge builders, helping humans to develop their inner potential to serve the community, instead of this reactionary frontal “education, education, education” (control is deadly to intelligence!) authoritarian nonsense point scoring,  little golden wrapped diploma star catching. Don t you?

How rebellious are you truly?

A little bit to act cool “as if” to tell, once in your youth you let a bit of steam out before you got “serious ” , or truly questioning the society paradigm and your role in it?

Another life is possible!

The eternal smile of Tony Blair Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 

The old stubborn manic intensity refreshed for the purpose of media promotion jumped on me, as I open the TV yesterday. And I got to hear that replacing a dead labour leader by the own superbe increase the “wild animal” sex frenzy, not truly a news as the old “testoterone high,testorone withdraw” is so easily noticeable on politicians. That the only regret of a war pusher might be to have neglect the good old tradition of fox hunting. That “religion” matters more than politic to such a pious soul. And more of the same “easy talk”.

How comes I was wondering what fuels such a determinate ignorance of the violence of a war and the own nation subjugated to a control state far away from the dreams of a truly new and fair society.They are moments you see how those aiming for the “world “power are unable to face themselves.

The british “eccentric” Saturday, Oct 2 2010 

The eccentric is the pink sheep of the stiff tribe,the flattered scape goat of the repressed systematic madness is need of a redemptive outburst. Brit art was the scab picking “give a toss” who acted as fair valoir of the real “serious” con artists in power and a fantasy less nouveau riche gobetween class in need of cultural recognition through a trashy sensationalism they could feel superior too&”care for”! Charitable souls.
I hear, intellectuals gets still hated over the channel if they have not prove their sportive ability in THE boat race.
The eccentrics are the trees hiding the naked forest frighten to “feel emotions” and TRULY REVOLT.

The cynism of English “humour” Saturday, Oct 2 2010 

The tendency to throw bons mots around in an extreme stiff class divided society, appears like  a protection shield of “cool attitude” hiding the own non involvement into the mater. A form of distancing were the protagonist hides behind a leather fauteuil of masculine “I can handle it, haha!” to avoid the introspective couch. It is a form of mutual shared depressive hysteria where nobody expect a bettering, but everybody throws confetti’s. A vaudeville of provincial actors running in&out, avoiding the pot of roses  taboo topic in the middle of the scene by kicking with salads at each other. The important matter to consider is the elegance of the fly of the salad as reflect of the smart ass capacity of the actor, not the picky roses, or hell, the emotions involved in that process of skilled avoidance. An  empire hierarchy got build on this salad trick, and a basket of rotting salad gets still sold as city wonder. Are they not funny (class dividing  humour included)?

Not really, mostly!

2 evil brothers Tuesday, Sep 28 2010 

Having the choice between 2 Miliband brothers (good cop, bad cop distraction) sold as THE alternative , shows that labour goes on playing the apartchi-chic game, like all these disapointing pseudo socialist partys in Europe,  still lost into celebrity carrierism, far, far from a real insighfull reflection about the past disaster of the Blair/Brown support of the neoliberal turbo capitalism surveillance&war machine.

Just another rightwing party in “light rose” amongst other right wing partys is NOT a democratic choice.

High time for a direct democracy(yes WE CAN!) without all this “important” worthless puppets.

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