Capitalism is crashing under his own immensly overrated stupid greed…so, what!….Humanity will survive it! Friday, Aug 19 2011 

I am almost amused seeing exactly those kind of gamblers who create a destructred chaos they, acting out the ‘responsible wise’ of an economy, have elevated to the only
doctrine worth attention. The fashion obedient tie does not make the mature adult. These ridiculous hazardous spirits pretending to care about the safety of countries and the politicians echoing them, makes me think that first, these people are completly missing self irony, and second, that their stiff minds are by far not the full human potential, but only a very narrow option.

The stubborn insistence to pretend saving from disaster by repeating the same absurd non solutions, is more and more looking like as if all those still believing in saving this sinking ship are on a very strange delusional substance.
Could it be they confuse plus value with life energy?
What miserable boring loveless lives, these poor people must have.
Their middle class followers wake up slowly from their dreams of eternal bounty participation and realise it was a pernicious nightmare, but some are still addicted to the mantra, and are willing to follow the worse wannabe leaders who promise to preserve their privileges.
They like to confuse privileges with gratification of their supposed work ethical superiority, when in reality its their own system grooming laziness to include all dimensions which has created the mess for decades. Without a thoughtless middle class, no evil system can function, they are making the evil possible through their unwillingness to oppose themselves to it in an early stage. The middle class are the ones who support dehumanising destruction even if they rant about limited or even surface details. Their main addiction is still to preserve some illusory safeties even under the worse conditions, thinking they deserve it for being seen to behave well.
Those go betweens, who expected to earn more crumbles from the cake, will have to realise their disastrous function in class division.  It is they who have acted the pompous patronising servants to the rich at the expense of the poor. Well obviously that didn’t help! Expecting to preserve their own privileges or a pension, by making other peoples lives more fragile, is not going to work!
Everybody is poor in a dehumanised system and the so-called wealthy even more as they still don’t notice what they are missing in themselves.
As everthing is connected with everything, unbalance affects all.

If we don’t want to suffocate under this inefficiency to cooperate with reality we need to reinvent how we live our lives to preserve life on this planet .

I repeat myself, as I warn since so long….but maybe now it now becomes more evident to many, even if I am sure that some nouveaux riches delusions can be very stubborn.

After having reduced all aspects of life to a resource serving the economical profit of few,
It is necessary to rediscover our true surviving optimum, which was, is and will always be: compassion and solidarity.

I have the impression as this era is ending, a far better life is possible.

Why I am not suprised, that some are surprised about right-wing terror. Monday, Jul 25 2011 

My first intuition, as I heard from this horrible violence inflicted on the Norwegian society was : … a right-winger!. I did not exclude rationaly other options, especially as the insitence to point at islamists was obviously the first reaction of other, but later I was, like often, confirmed to have been right.

My thoughts go first, before I follow my analyse, to the victims, their families and friends who have to face their hurt . I remember holding the hand of someone who had expirienced such a violent intrusion in his life, and was reacting with fear, each time he heard a firework or other sound reminding him his traumatic expirience. I understand how hard it must be for them now, and probably for a long time. May they at least know, that many are feeling with them, and wish that they might find back to a trust into life, this person without empathy has tried to destroy.

The media goes on repeating flat statements about the scandinavian social peacefull coherence, neglecting the increasing destructuration of this concept through a disdainfull nouveaux riches egotism, the confusion assuming that more bureaucracy creates egalitarism, that social control neglecting individuality and social solidarity are the same, and the contradiction of love for nature and resource exploitation for a privileged way of life. Even the classical parties or the media are more and more inclined to use reactionary concepts imposing more rigourosity to hide the disatrous effects of a deregulated market . What is left, is often only the old shine of social concern, which mostly is a puritan vision of a non controvertial/confronterial community.This tendency can be observed in many countries.

The great blindness towards the potential of violence of the extreme right wing is not innocent, it is systematic for those in society who consider it as ethically acceptable to repeat the propaganda phrases of those groups for their own political or social careerism and those who join dehumanised visions dividing humans, out of their own pride issues.

How much is it a cliche to consider psychopathic violence as an unforseeable outburst?
How many look-away situations are included in this concept of destinity?

As long acting cool and careless, dividing society into winner and losers is
too often still considered as virile determinism serving a greed who legitimates herself as worthiness deserving privileges, even if it leads to destruction of democracys, neglect of human needs, social structures and environment for a bit of individual prestige build on vanity….as long this pretend normality is not seen as doing the evil it does, …it will remain difficult to recognise those who overfulfil this attitude sociopathically .

Let s have the courage, to oppose real emotions to violent behaviour.
Cynicism expects to be seen as witty, but our hearts knows that empathy, compassion and solidarity is our real intelligence.

Is a certain illusion of safety worth the neglect of essential human rights? Monday, May 9 2011 

Considering that the surveillance society who has been legitimated through the “war against terrorism” has succeed to put each citizen under suspicion, allowing the control of our privacy for this higher goal, I ask myself what has created the most damage on our democracy’s ?

The old adage seems still pertinent making us ask who profits from a certain atmosphere of fear.

Learn to listen to Cassandra before they call catastrophes unexpected Monday, Mar 14 2011 

Natural catastrophes are overwhelming situations, humanity has learned to handle with common solidarity over the century.

Human made catastrophes are mostly the results of a long neglect of problems and something we could consider as a partial society amnesia of reality and a hybris projection of the own capacity’s to handle the future.

The problems occurring are than deeper as they have to overcome a generalised desensitisation who had exclude critical voices  out of consciousness. Suddenly the expectation for scientific wonder appears like very irrational wishes for pious miracles who will not come.

Instead of considering nature as our worse enemy and by that also doubting the wisdom of our own nature , let s question ourself if we allow to be impressed by pseudo serious posturing imposing us a highly artificial lifestyle for the sake of some divisive economy and if this is truly a cultivated healthy form of society with life quality hope for future generations.

About the attractivity of restrictive concepts of education Sunday, Feb 6 2011 

How much has the middle class assuming of herself to be in the golden middle truth, lost an inner bell who might ring when violence is done to children?
What does it require to a certain class of society to recognise sadism for what it is?
To be an adult, or a parent does not make one spontaneous to a caring wise, and sadly enough reaching over the chain of pain, gets legitimated far too easy. That some still use physical violence is sad enough, but psychological violence has to be seen as harmful too, even if the wounds are first, less visible.
Maybe to be what some would call successful, in our society, some had to repress so much their own natural empathy, that their emotionality points towards thoughtless boredom who confuses each waking up thrill with imposing authority seriousness.
Maybe some yuppies should consider that children are not an extension of their own lifestyle, but real humans who deserve respect and adults who have solved some of their own issues instead of projecting them on the next generation. Each human is unique and requires an individual approach, not  normative rules limiting air in heads and hearts . Ask yourself, do you want unquestioning followers of psychopathic structures or critical self supporting citizen able to love ?


How I realised that meditation could sometimes just be another form of addiction Monday, Jan 24 2011 

After years of meditation, I realised that even meditation can become a form of addiction, were one imagine to not be truly oneself without this regular behaviour. Habits, even so called good ones, might create a false concept of safety…if…one does that, takes that, follows that, ….well, relays on a self inflicted ritual. I stopped it straight away!
Now, I only meditate, rarely, when I truly have the wish to do it.

Meditation can be relaxing and might even increase awareness, but beware of any habit one does not truly practice out of free will any more, but one ends even in a subtle manner,  the mental slave of it to go on with one s life.

Meditation as compulsory behaviour is just another drug, an escapism…simply with a better image to a certain group of society, who would probably never consider themselves critical in that matter, would even try to get other into the same practice, and would even assume that it would help those other they would consider as drug addicts, they might finger point at, looking benevolently down , imposing their patronising practice as a form of salvation. Never trying meditation might be experience avoiding, imagining meditation  will solve the worlds issues, too.

If we are more aware through meditation, let s use this awareness all the way long, reflecting what we do, and why we do it. Mistrust those who tells you, meditation is giving up thinking. Beware of flat and easy therm definitions assuming too fast, the  quality of systems and situations. Is Meditation truly good for you, is it not good for you? Think a minute before you answer! What do you truly feel about it? Spitting out a ready to mind cliché might not point towards more inner perception! Maybe meditation might lead one to drop meditation, and consider life in itself as a permanent form of awareness experience. Maybe the reality is more complex than a fast obligatory success story news!

Underchallenging intelligence as imposed normality Saturday, Jan 15 2011 

The mainstream society has a wrong idea about intelligence, assuming it is only one middle class success trip more. Intelligent are to them, those who climb faster up the rat cage making the right noises without questioning too much the paradigm , and collect lots of good child points for giving “the right expected answers”!. Not to forget an all bunch of “experts” making money and themselves looking “smart” out of this absurd assumption. What a lousy uncreative projection, who I know, many intelligent human don’t fulfill! Those are than those, who truly change the now to prepare the future.

If someone is evidently intelligent but does not please the rat race  or even considers using his intelligence to ask challenging questions or to live differently to what they assume as his “privileges” in the world, I  heard them saying…yes, very intelligent, but must be emotional unripe to not “cooperate” with the dogma of hierarchical superiority!… as if pleasing this corrupt cynical society would be a sign of maturity!

At least in France, I still can openly reflect philosophically with almost everybody I might even just meet, but I wonder how many patroniser from over the pond, I can handle, telling me that their limit of comprehension is the limit of the human potential and has to be the limit of my experiences and thoughts. Mostly making it very clear, that trespassing this smile mainstream border of happy believers would transform me into a frustrated outsider,what tells more about how scary must it be to them to think outside the pre-digested concepts, than about my friends garden and pleasure to live!.

As someone who knows the delight and the troubles , intelligence brings into life, and as someone who feels that this gift is a duty to serve life deeply, not a shallow narcissistic trip more, I have a little demand (who might fall on charitable ground in few…intelligent ones?!):

If you don’t understand, ask questions, instead of trying to reduce my perception to the admiration of the rat cage design.

Power addicts are sick, not admirable. Sunday, Jan 9 2011 

Many realise that the old systems who rule our society have failed and have to be replaced by direct democratic participations of all citizen.

But on the way, it is necessary to question the concept that those who incarnate the old nepotist greed structure are “powerful”. They might be often dangerous to individuals or humanity, but out of their fears , not their strengths .Only insecure weak people  have an interest to dominate other.Only people with a low self-esteem  fancy “superiority” pride. Only people not loved as they are,  expect to be no more in need through “success”. Only uncreative people  search for control.Only people with a inner poverty might consider wealth as an achievement goal. Only philosophically uncultivated people worship tacky symbols supposed to impress other ,when being an authentic human is the greatest possible delight and attractive by nature.

The problem is not the great power we face, but the great weakness of those poor co-human lost in delusion about their own need to demonstrate their superficial importance in an interconnected system where everybody impacts in each instant everything on this world .  Lets not overfeed them with paradox “admiration”.

About the absurdity of “self”control Saturday, Dec 18 2010 

I often read people assuming that they will achieve a “higher”level of consciousness by CONTROLLING their self ,what mostly results in controlling their emotions.

In that absurd inner battle we can ask: who controls whom, and who controls the controller controlling?

A very funny neoplatonist(division between “higher” soul/”lower” animal) con artist trick of the head ego demanding subordination from those “wild” feelings unable to “fit in” the expected narcissistic concept.

This attempts bound to fail for evident reasons, will only lead to a false attitude, and an inflationary unconscious ready to burst at the slightest contradiction of the expected effect of such a “pet training”.

Instead of this anal retentive attempt to “control life”, a culture of self acceptance would be of great worth to humanity.

A bit more open minded curiosity without conceptual predeterminism, allowing paradoxes , surprises and changes might allow the human potential to truly be. Some might be frighten by the WHOLE “self” as it might point towards a self far more meaningful as a temporary society pleasing ego.

I welcome self authenticity.


Humanism does not imply atheism Friday, Dec 17 2010 

I noticed that the therm humanism is associated theses days to atheism.

As if only atheists could be humanist.                                                                              A bit like religions pretending to incarnate human spirituality.

Time to reconsider this fast wrong association.

To trust into the human able to make sense on his own is beyond any dogmatism, and atheism seems just another zealot believer concept more.

The human potential is free to experience himself beyond any doctrine determinism and as curiosity is a main creative virtue of our specie, we might experience far more than the short horizons some wants to limit us to.

Limiting our self to fake though safety s, once pious, now pseudo scientific, showing obviously a pretentious need to appear more serious/ more holier than those “stupid s” and not reflecting science as hypothesis sharing, but as a Victorian concept of superiority, easy to challenge considering his evident actual disastrous effects as new unfailing paradigm  like the old unfailing paradigm, is the same pompous game. It is a form of conceptual territory marking, not based on logic.

Humanism is about philosophical openness , not about “think the right truth”.



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