Dont increase your buisness Sunday, Dec 12 2010 

As this seems to be the most wanted mantra in here, I just write it down with irony, reflecting about this obsession of making “businesses”. The obvious inability to reflect philosophically about this activity supposed to increase the own wealth. I guess it is the highest possible goal to some, the new “religion” of eternal prosperity neglecting the economical, political, social and ecological consequences. Greed is NOT natural to humans, it is the result of a missing of social skills. We have to reflect about a decrease of thoughtless human impact on humanity and the planet. Selling hot air in bags cost real life  quality somewhere. The next crash is in sight in an overblown speculation circus who plays the same old games. What inner poverty, what oral deprivation, what cultural missing of education might push some to this disastrous tunnel vision of life reduced to  “earn cash & consume to be”. How vacuous some life are!


Enlightement is not a “diploma” Sunday, Nov 21 2010 

The linear assumption that enlightenment is the result of being a “good child” behaving mannered, and by that obtaining a success falling out of the sky….ONCE, in a procrastinated far future….is imposing ego society pleasing rules on a natural spiritual reality, and by that avoiding the real thing.

The courage to be authentic and aware without second hand dogma gratification  thoughts , increases the perception for the immanence of the interconnected energy. But, more as a side effect, not as a goal to achieve.

Instead of “spiritual” point collecting  entertainment, instead of “spiritual” tourism and ” spiritual” feel good group pressure, simply BEING “it”, whatever “it” just is , paradoxes and “not knowing” included!

Heart or disdain! Sunday, Nov 14 2010 

To me it appears more and more clear ,that the real split is not between arbitrary outside classification labelling humans, but between those who need the cynicism of disdain to feel alive and those who have the courage to live accordingly to their heartbeats.

arrogance participation Wednesday, Oct 27 2010 

Have you noticed the slight mocking up lift mouth corner of someone trying to discredit you in an argument? To me, this little visual sign tells me this person has lost eye to eye  respectful authentic contact to me and tries to discredit me by association with some imaginary sense of illusionary superiority, he/she believes into uplifting her by some surreal not shared miracle upon me.

When irony is the last possible hand reached out, cynicism is biting that hand. These days a favourite lazy concept used often by reactionary politicians and their “followers” trying to get rid of deeper reflection by disregarding those asking such questions ( when that does not work, the next behaviour are eyeballs uplift and a foggy look pretending absolute innocence, saying the most venomous discrediting phrases at the same time). The delusion of an hypothetical grandeur build on….whatever the ego got structured with, as this human betrayed once the inner child who felt real emotional needs, replacing those by a false sense of  “belonging to those who own power”, who themselves had to impose it to the outside world to confirm their own inner betraying as “being the right way” to handle reality. A vicious circle as long the self does not say: “the emperor is naked!”, lets truly change the priority’s of  needs and ask back for those essentials. The need for Power is always a sign of inner weakness, missing and  fear.

Disdain is projected self hate. A society build on class division supported by such “cheap importance” attitudes is expressing his own inability to be life supportive. We can expect more of this attitude in the next , with ready made meme phrases repeated by all who have petty privileges in this deviant structures and are scared of changes who might show the fragility of some inner lie s.

Sharing with courage an open heart in an inclusive way even in the controversy, or kicking the other down to show off the own delusion “superiority”, we decide NOW by our communication, the future or non future of humanity.

The misuse of Wittgenstein sentences in society Saturday, Oct 9 2010 

How often have we heard in late hours, mister wanna impress the girl , unable to trespass his “cool attitude” , slightly affected by too much spirit,  acting out a sentence reducing Wittgenstein to few words about the unspeakable of the unthinkable.

Now beside this stereotype  abuse of more complex reflection, or a research on Wittgenstein’s own socio-psychological “think eras” limitations , lets try  another simple approach to this “don’t think that one “.

Who is this WE, pretending to “not think” what he/she is obviously fascinated avoiding thinking, describing those “non nos”  think eras as “not thinkable” ?.

Don t think now of a pink elephant on a bicycle!


Philosophy might end in dead ends,

Our brain don’t function on “no nos!”

Lets try to accept certain “Though fog zones”, till they clear up to more evident non thought before thoughts. Lets find out what for we are supposed to not think, what we feel but might not have the fitting words “at hand”. Lets risk a bit of  “unprecise” uncertainty in our perception&communication about reality. Lets trust the sense making sense of the pretend chaos.

A little waltz loosing “ground” might shake the control headmaster and give “new meaning” supportive earth under the feet’s.

The overindividualising of human issues Friday, Oct 8 2010 

The obvious inability to integrate environmental, social, and global  aspects  in the “solutions” proposed to “cure” are a determinate miss function who aims not to help those affected, but to prevent the greater structure of being seen as a source of dehumanising danger.

Instead of acknowledging our all interconnection , where each of us is impacted and impacts the greater whole, we get spoon feed with “each his own” soup,to  hope that prevention campaign of detection are THE help, neglecting a  critical view on the real factors impacting our body/minds. Same goes for mood flatteners, supposed to  make people fit in back into their “normal life”, unquestioned how deregulated and disconnected from the unconscious common feeling that “something goes very wrong and might kill our specie”and nothing truly is done to prevent it.All this calmed down avoided feelings like sadness&anger NOT FELT missed as “changing motor” of conditions.

Same goes for economy “experts” still postulating such patronising nonsense like: “if the poor would educate themselves, they would reach the pot of honey too and improve our society”, despite the increasing wealth distancing nepotism and the immense amount of high diplomaed skilled persons send to the purgatory of “write your CV 100 X!” mocking statistic “improving courses” of readaptation to a cynical delocalising system.

Ecology and quantum physic amongst other sciences & art, are clearly pointing towards a greater interactive  “I” . To neglect it is mechanical  isolationism.

The idea behind all this “shame on you, you loser if you fail to be happy & wealthy !” deviant memes, is evident. Even those hiding behind  the walls of “good side of the fence” are simply postponing their own involved issues, if they avoid being one of us.

Lets rediscover SOLDARITY as real base of change&health.

It might be a relief to see further than the own navel in despair and figuring out that “our” missfortunes are everybody s reality, and we are all in the same boat .





The 10 point lists obscession Friday, Oct 1 2010 

Despite of the recomfort for psycho rigid natures in need of  “comfy noises”, the use of these “To do lists” to some abstract “success” is very questionable, beside as advertising factor for the publisher of such “guides” themselves, acting out the master finger pointing towards the possible space cookie seat in the sky. Life is a much too individual, wonderfully paradox and demands our here&now attention to unfold as evidence in each instant of our life. The short cut those “life recipes”who cant fail if you apply them right have the simpleton tasteless taste of “ad water”noodles. Some like it…but does it nourish on the long run?

Maybe try the opposite of those “golden rules” and allow yourself to be surprised about the inner joke of life, oops, what that a new “to do” hint?No way! go and forget it!life gives a shit anyway about “planed concepts”. Learn from Stalinist 5 year plans.They never worked out.As less as all this snake oil sellers of neo liberalism you might meet over here. Don t tell me you expect to be an interesting character, by trying hard to be a “please for business”.

Invent your own rules & break them regularly to keep a vivid mind!

The drugged society Thursday, Sep 30 2010 

Analysing our society without considering the wide use of cocaine as “promotion factor” in yuppie speculative careerist circles, leading to effects like coolness or social disdain, or the passivity created by the wide overuse of tranquilliser leading to a lack of appropriated revolt facing abuses, neglects that under all the “serious surface”, we live in a reality created by drug heads.

We can ad to that, social boozing reducing the faculty to reflect, and other “entertaining” addictions more, deviating the senses from making sense.

Neoliberalism without speed, and postmodernity without mood flatners is like engines without their fuel. All the “normal” junkies taking their little pills to “function well” and all the false hypes full of emptiness sold by marketing pushers and “the show must go on” profiteurs.

High time to detox society before we end as specie as the tragic side issue of a “to consume” reality distortion.

Tatooes,piercing&co or about the absurdity of mass individuality Thursday, Sep 30 2010 

Over the last years a industry, probably in need of new clients, as sheep to mark and sailors to decorate gets less, has impose herself as a new MUST to prove the own sense for “individual” temerity. Considering that this “mass freedom” is just another paradoxum more, as much as the next “revivals” to animate the business, like tribal branding or piercings for truly fashion “victims”.

The need for “strong sensations”, are a sign of  lousy censorial connections, who points towards early censorial deprivation resulting  later in a poor endorphins production . So, what went wrong in those spoiled brats life?

All this is a narcissist desensitisation of the body, reducing him to an “out look” commodity pretending to reflect through decorations many will regret in later years, the inner more valuable “I”.It is as neoplatonist as all body/soul divisions denigrating the body to a faire valoir of the soul.

The REAL individuality is to NOT run on commend to do the “IN” to do.

The skin of a human tells already lots of stories, without placative statements.

Alzheimer s disease & human dignity Tuesday, Sep 28 2010 

Having cared during years for my mother who beside other affection was affected with Alzheimer s disease, I have been very upset in the last to read comments in some newspaper pretending it was unbearable to the relatives ,worse than cancer and a possible question of assisted suicide. What a scary amount of  emotional rigidity and lack of human empathy.

The obvious panic of a middle class mindset where everybody has to “function well”to not disturb the superficial “harmony”is definitely shaken by such a situation. One has to resolve his own issues with his parents before he/she can change his adult diaper, transports them few times  back into bed in the middle of the night or battles for them with a cynical system. I made the choice to care , mostly on my own, because it seemed the most evident to me, to not expose a person with a strong personality like my mum, who beside being my mum( what meant already a lot to her), was beside few other no neglectable aspects, an artist, a professor and a critical spirit , an engaged lover of humans &life and a resistant during the war. I simply knew that someone who had laugh with Boris Vian and fought with the gun for the liberation of Paris(and not accepted the medals coming her way!), could hardly be “integrated” into an “for our aged population” institution .

It didn’t kill me, well almost, but I blame that on the systematic society “look away” (we know that politicians never get old and if, in much better privileged conditions) of this situation, who insist on neglecting those who cares and hopes everybody gives up, to feed the “we care for you industry”.

I do not say it was “easy”, it was a daily challenge and I was after her death (she died at home) exhausted, and in need of sleep recovery for all the nights without. Good we had cultivated a garden of real friends helping in need. I do not even say, its everybody solution. But we kept up the last a form of communication , she once called it  finding ” a path through her jungle”.We even had cultivated in time some strong straight sense of mutual humour who worked often even in that absurd surrealistic reality.

Her gift…a smile up the last.

It made me stronger and was “worth it!”.

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