About famine, speculation, charity, cynism and humanity. Wednesday, Jul 27 2011 

Anything to say,

maybe about the connection between speculation and climate change?

maybe about the connection between speculation and perpetuation of wars?

maybe about the connection between speculation on resources and starvation?

maybe about the role of charity organisations in a system of greed?

maybe about media , sensationalism and information quality of news?

maybe about the possible profit expected through “improving” zones  who have been destroyed before?


Thought so!

This world needs social justice, not tax deductible charity!

After the breeze…willow seeds in the air, willow seeds on the garden. Tuesday, May 24 2011 

Particles falling from the willow tree

after the quarrel of two magpies

in their nest on the highest branch ,

are caught by spider webs in the sunlight .

Strange spring, petals and particles in the air Saturday, Mar 26 2011 

I hear, the victims in Japan need our charity. I had heard, Japan is one of the richest country in the world with a high grade of social and technological sophistication.

How comes, the help given to those poor people, reminds me the situation once in New Orleans?

The solidarity I can have, is feeling with the simple people who show their feelings …it is human!. I don’t join in, praising the so called special character in adversity. Do I hear from their own wealthy people helping ? Don t be too humble telling, beside stock market stabilisation and production concerns. At least, I see some in the population getting angry, and I hear even system critical voices inside the country. At least, they know that Japan s culture is not only about obedience.

Remember, the Chernobyl disaster was also at spring, when all wanted to enjoy life after a long winter. And here we go again. I feel sad looking at my garden . How must it be, to look at nature these days over there.

How much heat do we truly “need”? Monday, Dec 20 2010 

From year to year , I need less heat at winter.

A little wood fire to cock the meal or a bit in the evening and that’s it.

Wrapped in blankets and half gloves when I write,

Onion layers of pullovers & clothes,

Thick old walls, walking &working outside,

well covered at night,

An epigenetic memory of those ancestors, who survived with less”comfort”, like making friendship with a colder season, and being surprised about the own capacity to handle it.

The “normal” heated houses and stores appears terribly overheated, and strangely tiring. After visiting them, I feel a lost of energy.

A little bit more freedom !

Robin on a branch Saturday, Oct 23 2010 

A robin and I had a conversation

both bowing the heads like old polite japanese,

each time we exchanged few noises.

High apples Thursday, Oct 14 2010 

Who would have think,                                                                                                            that, to bake an upside down apple tarte,                                                                         one has to jump up,                                                                                                                           reaching out with the fingertips                                                                                                to the higher bigger juicier sun ripe apples.

During this!…. birds picking them easy and delighted!

Falling trees Friday, Oct 1 2010 

I hear about the cutting of old trees in a park to make space for “a project”. I hear old people, young people have been wounded who tried to protect them in a city where normally everything is quiet&bourgeois. Suddenly the citizen understand the violent cynical determination of the “jobs for the boys” clique.

All that is far away but even domesticated media bring glimpse of the world everywhere. Seeing those trees, those people, those mockery lies they face, I had solidarity tears in my eyes too.