Say no to literature prizes and other public relation ranking vanitys Tuesday, Apr 12 2011 

John  Le Carré grew very much in my respect these days.

Ever thought that associating a prize with a famous name is not necessary to the favour of the winner? Who are these people who think that the  motivation of writing is participating to a starlet contest? What about the probable advantage to associate the image of the sponsor of the prize to the life long self earned fame of this author?  Do we believe that each engagement into culture and charity is born out of noble intentions?

Considering the choices of the last years, and the philosophical absurdity of pleasing the need of a cultural and social failing middle class for orientation through lists, it is very obvious that distancing oneself from it, is a sign of self respect. Something this up climbing, down looking class does not understand , lost as they are in their vacuous image polishing and unable to recognize who flatters their shallow conformity and what for.

The true winners these days are those who don’t participate to the illusion of grandeur of this failing greed empire, but know that an ethical life is also about saying no.

Views on the world might be different, but a sense for values might remain the same. Who needs dry laurel when one has a vital acuity .

Dont wait for the next nuclear incidence to change the goals of your society! Sunday, Mar 13 2011 

How often have many of us warned about the use of nuclear power and the increased danger of nuclear energy systems in an earthquake situation ?

After the recent history of Japan, one could have hoped for more thoughtfulness towards that topic. After other situations showing how humans cant control all aspects of this  technology, a stopping of it would have appeared evident.

Too much obedience towards an economical profit orientated society can be considered as dangerous too. Will now, after this terrible disaster come a new thoughtful culture setting other values and goals?

I hear the news and the disinformation . I see how some expected a lost of memory in this generation to build more nuclear reactors worldwide and go on using the old dangerous units. I compare the brochures with the reality. I have enough that our society’s remains under the impact of the careless profit of few. It is our responsibility, what kind of society future we create together. How many more warnings and victims do you need to engage yourself against it, wherever you are?

How big is an increasingly divided class society on a small island? Monday, Feb 21 2011 

This fat cat minority pleasing using the old fake unity noises of the nation in dispear, reminds me the use of the word we, when troubles are collectivised during the profits remain divided.

Politicians seems unable to notice how insulting to the intelligence of many, the  reality shallow repeated stupid mantras of stink tanks and speech writers are.

They might understand the real signification of their vacuous sound good noise, if the anger in society grows and great amount of citizen who have been patient far too long, appears at their door to demand real democratic changes.

More news about a non organised majority of protesters in Egypt, please! Sunday, Feb 6 2011 

I am quiet annoyed, when I get the impression that some news are focusing again on the well know groups or celebrity s, who are quiet similar than the repetitive clients of talk shows, pretending to analyse a far more complex situation.

It s the old searching for main figures or main  groups who gain importance through media presence. Journalism is not easy under certain conditions, but lazy journalism exists too, who is too easy satisfied with the usual cliché concepts.

Now, let s hear more from not organised citizen or democratic groups who don’t belong to the Muslim Brotherhood or are well know so called potential leaders  , even if it requires more efforts.

Let s not reduce the dynamic of a situation to an in two minute easy to recognise patterns, fitting in between two advertising sounds.

If we talk about a democratic aim of citizen, lets hear truly from all forces involved.

About the attractivity of restrictive concepts of education Sunday, Feb 6 2011 

How much has the middle class assuming of herself to be in the golden middle truth, lost an inner bell who might ring when violence is done to children?
What does it require to a certain class of society to recognise sadism for what it is?
To be an adult, or a parent does not make one spontaneous to a caring wise, and sadly enough reaching over the chain of pain, gets legitimated far too easy. That some still use physical violence is sad enough, but psychological violence has to be seen as harmful too, even if the wounds are first, less visible.
Maybe to be what some would call successful, in our society, some had to repress so much their own natural empathy, that their emotionality points towards thoughtless boredom who confuses each waking up thrill with imposing authority seriousness.
Maybe some yuppies should consider that children are not an extension of their own lifestyle, but real humans who deserve respect and adults who have solved some of their own issues instead of projecting them on the next generation. Each human is unique and requires an individual approach, not  normative rules limiting air in heads and hearts . Ask yourself, do you want unquestioning followers of psychopathic structures or critical self supporting citizen able to love ?


And now…next countries to revolt? Tuesday, Feb 1 2011 

Let s question how much our democracy s truly reflect the the wish of a society, citizen wants to live in!

Some have despots, some have lobby puppets,

all have video controlled life s…for the sake of whom?

High time for direct democracy.

The streets these days tells us,

we have the tool s and the power!

How I realised that meditation could sometimes just be another form of addiction Monday, Jan 24 2011 

After years of meditation, I realised that even meditation can become a form of addiction, were one imagine to not be truly oneself without this regular behaviour. Habits, even so called good ones, might create a false concept of safety…if…one does that, takes that, follows that, ….well, relays on a self inflicted ritual. I stopped it straight away!
Now, I only meditate, rarely, when I truly have the wish to do it.

Meditation can be relaxing and might even increase awareness, but beware of any habit one does not truly practice out of free will any more, but one ends even in a subtle manner,  the mental slave of it to go on with one s life.

Meditation as compulsory behaviour is just another drug, an escapism…simply with a better image to a certain group of society, who would probably never consider themselves critical in that matter, would even try to get other into the same practice, and would even assume that it would help those other they would consider as drug addicts, they might finger point at, looking benevolently down , imposing their patronising practice as a form of salvation. Never trying meditation might be experience avoiding, imagining meditation  will solve the worlds issues, too.

If we are more aware through meditation, let s use this awareness all the way long, reflecting what we do, and why we do it. Mistrust those who tells you, meditation is giving up thinking. Beware of flat and easy therm definitions assuming too fast, the  quality of systems and situations. Is Meditation truly good for you, is it not good for you? Think a minute before you answer! What do you truly feel about it? Spitting out a ready to mind cliché might not point towards more inner perception! Maybe meditation might lead one to drop meditation, and consider life in itself as a permanent form of awareness experience. Maybe the reality is more complex than a fast obligatory success story news!

Why I might end writing my reflections down in latin and then go for a walk! Monday, Jan 10 2011 

The simple words of our language, we use to communicate with each other appear now more and more as new resources some wants to “own” as their privilege. In a way it follows the logic of “owning” nature up to the deepest possible genetic code in each specie. Respecting texts of other is a must, but  at a certain moment, every word or word combination has been used on this planet leading to a decreasing possibility to rewrite them too. The most evident thoughts have been thought before many times, and the way to formulate them, might echo each other  unconsciously.

I noticed that my original aim to have open discourses with other human on here, who could be friends, appears tremendously  innocent compared to the burden to figure out if someone somewhere wrote the same thought in the same way. I wonder how other feel about it, I feel stressed by tasks beyond my real potential. I am probably a bit obsessive about doing what I do the best possible way, but wise enough to recognise my limits in the ability to do so.

I question myself, if I should stop writing, beside for myself and few friends in a more private situation. I feel fragile towards all this increased complexity. Angry too, that another tool, who might have been a joyful opening towards more creativity and democracy, might end as mercantile playground only.

I invite you to share your view on this topic, how you handle the balance between spontaneous  texts and safety scissors in the mind.

I fear that the media who once claimed to improve communication between humans, might lead to a new poverty of it .

Power addicts are sick, not admirable. Sunday, Jan 9 2011 

Many realise that the old systems who rule our society have failed and have to be replaced by direct democratic participations of all citizen.

But on the way, it is necessary to question the concept that those who incarnate the old nepotist greed structure are “powerful”. They might be often dangerous to individuals or humanity, but out of their fears , not their strengths .Only insecure weak people  have an interest to dominate other.Only people with a low self-esteem  fancy “superiority” pride. Only people not loved as they are,  expect to be no more in need through “success”. Only uncreative people  search for control.Only people with a inner poverty might consider wealth as an achievement goal. Only philosophically uncultivated people worship tacky symbols supposed to impress other ,when being an authentic human is the greatest possible delight and attractive by nature.

The problem is not the great power we face, but the great weakness of those poor co-human lost in delusion about their own need to demonstrate their superficial importance in an interconnected system where everybody impacts in each instant everything on this world .  Lets not overfeed them with paradox “admiration”.