A ceux qui pretendent aider la culture par des subventions, oubliant que certains artistes ont de la memoire, tiens donc! Wednesday, Jul 27 2011 

L argent citoyen sans conditions serrai  la liberation de la creativite de tous. Mais tant que la culture est vue comme support flatteur d un systeme  capitaliste “modere” ou l artiste doit etre “performant” et bien adapte a plaire au gout tres sur des speculateurs ou a une classe moyenne qui “consomme” de l art pour parfaire son image , l appartchik complaisant a bien plus de chance de survie, meme tres  n importe quoi, que celui qui a une veritable qualitee artistique , mais ne joue pas le jeu. La complaisance peut meme etre un peu d esprit critique, mais pas trop, just assez pour faire semblant de changer quelque chose, sans rien deranger au systemes des subventions entre bons amis qui se connaissent et s apprecient. Sans parler des grands besoins financiers de la bureaucratie qui pretend administrer l art et sait se creer de nouvelles importances en laissant des miettes aux artistes, faisant d eux des subalternes sociaux de son bon vouloir.

La creativite est naturelle en tout humain et la culture est plus qu un instrument de faire valoir d arrivites au pouvoir.


The blood of culture is revolt! Monday, Feb 7 2011 

Even if culture has been kidnapped as faire valoir by a boring and bored bourgoisie, it was each time the sparkle of a new thinking, a new feeling a revolt against the mainstream mind.

I hear the wind of revolt in Mahler, Beethoven,  Schubert. I read it in the antic Greek philosophy, in medieval poetry. I see it in the impressionist, in the first hand spit on a wall, in each expression of human creativity who was a risk at his time and not a flattery of the wealthy.

Use culture shamelessly for your inner strength, listen to his hidden neglected power. Don’t stop at the surface concept using it for class division.

Lets us re-appropriate this wild deep spirit in it back! It is our all hard gain heritage who might help us to survive the driven short thought determinist.

They don’t fear anything more than creative sparkles of intelligence trespassing there own mind limitations. And nothing protects one more than the wisdom to know to be in a long lineage of courageous human.

Culture is a superbly dangerous revolutionary tool!

Art as a “market” Sunday, Nov 14 2010 

How many “uncultivated” workers are needed to finance the art bubble by limiting their earn to less more than nothing to finance the arbitrary nouveaux riche taste of those assuming that it needs something upon the sofa and that art is just another speculation resource more.

Art talk…is at the end, only the wrapping paper of the real deal.






Talking about conceptual art Monday, Nov 1 2010 

The problem with conceptual art is that the wrapping words matters more to too many than the evident essential right in front of the perception. The emperors old socks truly stink.

Craftmanship & shoes Friday, Oct 15 2010 

Are you still wearing those cheap fast destroyed foot fashion or those expensive label shoes pretending robust quality they once might have had, but disappoints you if you truly consider a daily life use instead of “sitting in an office” with them? . I know a very tinny absolutely not “styled” shoe shop well hidden in a side street not easy to find, were shoe makers (a specie in danger of extinction!) in the 3 generation sell decent shoes. The kind of shoes who last years, and make happy feet. When you buy them, your name gets associated in a little book to those shoes, as they repair themselves each pair in need and don’t loose them out of sight, once you pass the door, goodbye.

You might think I am a snob!(maybe!)

I am simply someone who cant afford rubbish and I love walking.

I am pretty sure, I will not tell the place, beside to very good friends, who s mind I like as much as their feet.

The dark shadows of cathedrals Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 

The most visitors of feudal cathedrals are easily impressed by the megalomaniac “sky reaching” dimensions of these places. But too rarely, the guides indicate , how cathars and other “heretics”, who s stolen wealth got often use to build up those master architecture, are still depicted by the violent dominant, in mockery stones on portals, friezes and art to teach the masses the danger of non obedience to power structures and dogmatic doctrines .

The indoctrination aspect of “pious” art is also a long history of depicting elites associating themselves with it as metaphysical unquestionable evidences.

The frontal elevated position facing the masses creates another design language of power hierarchy. ( Some media still instruments too, like at the last UK election, presenting the 3 party/one neoliberal show in such a “natural “environment placement of the candidates facing the public.)

The separation of clergy “space” defines their go between function too.

The light , the  statues are “look down” graces illuminating the hearts from above.

We can enjoy the craftsmanship of generations of skilled humans, but we have to recognise the signs behind the signs. Architecture is not neutral.

In a silent moment, unimpressed by the organ tremolos and the fog of incense and candle, lets memorise all those who suffered due to these brainwashing factory’s.

Instead of celeste highs “out of reach”, lets ground back in nature and lets enjoy simply an allee s of trees bending their branches towards each other in the natural light. A natural spirited protection.

The british “eccentric” Saturday, Oct 2 2010 

The eccentric is the pink sheep of the stiff tribe,the flattered scape goat of the repressed systematic madness is need of a redemptive outburst. Brit art was the scab picking “give a toss” who acted as fair valoir of the real “serious” con artists in power and a fantasy less nouveau riche gobetween class in need of cultural recognition through a trashy sensationalism they could feel superior too&”care for”! Charitable souls.
I hear, intellectuals gets still hated over the channel if they have not prove their sportive ability in THE boat race.
The eccentrics are the trees hiding the naked forest frighten to “feel emotions” and TRULY REVOLT.

The 10 point lists obscession Friday, Oct 1 2010 

Despite of the recomfort for psycho rigid natures in need of  “comfy noises”, the use of these “To do lists” to some abstract “success” is very questionable, beside as advertising factor for the publisher of such “guides” themselves, acting out the master finger pointing towards the possible space cookie seat in the sky. Life is a much too individual, wonderfully paradox and demands our here&now attention to unfold as evidence in each instant of our life. The short cut those “life recipes”who cant fail if you apply them right have the simpleton tasteless taste of “ad water”noodles. Some like it…but does it nourish on the long run?

Maybe try the opposite of those “golden rules” and allow yourself to be surprised about the inner joke of life, oops, what that a new “to do” hint?No way! go and forget it!life gives a shit anyway about “planed concepts”. Learn from Stalinist 5 year plans.They never worked out.As less as all this snake oil sellers of neo liberalism you might meet over here. Don t tell me you expect to be an interesting character, by trying hard to be a “please for business”.

Invent your own rules & break them regularly to keep a vivid mind!

Post modern “art” at Versailles Tuesday, Sep 28 2010 

Obviously due to the little  “improve the market worth ” through the cynical art media circus, who instruments a national heritage for his own speculative purposes, tourists visiting the castle of Versailles gets forced to “improve” their taste towards post modern “art” put in the middle of their way.

I imagine easy, some could do without and would be delighted, even on a fast “push the tourist through” to dream a bit on their own in the ambience they expected originally as they made their choice.The Japanese might have enough manga culture “at home”already.But Can we expect Japaness inheritage to welcome french trash art too?

Not enough to press Marie Antoinette into a stupid girlie film concept full of pink and petits fours, no, let her ghost stumble about “easy sugary eye catcher”.How nicccceeee! (Nescius:ignorant).

Just another example how OUR culture  institutions (pay by tax) are used for THEIR fat cat profits.

Time for a REAL little revolution again instead of this easy speculative provocation, shopping taste.

They forgot the last ones, too easy!

It is OUR national citizen inheritage, not THEIR nouveaux riches elitist playground .

Milton s eros Saturday, Sep 25 2010 

Finally we got a gift today, coming to us  through the  dust of history.

Milton s erotic poetry got rediscovered.

Too bad, some of Blake s stronger oeuvre got burned.

Ah, all the pearls dissolved by the vinegar of petty minds deciding for us about the worth of art over the century. All these unrevealed jewels of the spirit we only can experience as energetic echo’s in the dark. Clouded stars  we might meet in the distant fog of the collective unconscious as inspiring dreams and fantasies. Nothing disappears truly forever. The patterns remain.

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