oinon peels Saturday, Oct 16 2010 

The Long John s are back,

Not truly Freudian lingerie.

One layer of shirt and cardigan and pullover after the next.

Must be the winter fur growing.


High apples Thursday, Oct 14 2010 

Who would have think,                                                                                                            that, to bake an upside down apple tarte,                                                                         one has to jump up,                                                                                                                           reaching out with the fingertips                                                                                                to the higher bigger juicier sun ripe apples.

During this!…. birds picking them easy and delighted!

autumn afternoon Tuesday, Oct 5 2010 

The view from the hill

sitting on a bag of chestnuts

watching the wild horses in their valley

falling leaves, smoke& mushrooms

rich brown earth full of rain

green patches of winter wheat

dark woods, and yellow bushes

immanent peace in suspense.

Wild walnuts Friday, Sep 24 2010 

The time has come to collect the fresh walnuts falling out of their green shells when the wind blows through the old trees.The joy to come home with baskets filled with these free gifts , these curved kernels who will be a delight in the coming cold evenings and feed our brains with their strengths full of light.

Blackberry’s, elderberry s and rose hips promise red cheek jam smiles too!

Autumn Thursday, Sep 23 2010 

A certain quality of silent peace in the air                                                                      after the busyness                                                                                                                        the satisfaction of bounty                                                                                                             colourful flowers                                                                                                                               a moment in suspense                                                                                                                       the last sun warmth on the skin                                                                                            with a touch of melancholic wisdom about the coming cold.