Revolution… coming to your town too in soon ! Wednesday, May 25 2011 

After some discovered that citizen in distant country’s might demand real democracy’s,
After some discovered that many people around the world wants real changes,

They might discover that even the old empires have many inhabitants who have enough of the hypocrite “profit for few, absurdity for all” game,
and go on the street, on the places, in the parks inventing together another more human society.

About the return of the bourgeoise idea of educating servants Saturday, May 7 2011 

A certain charitable middle class has invented an almost real job solution for the poor, they insist to repeat like one stupid catchphrase more, of the same social worth as many of these brainwashing mantras spread from the media who pretends to solve solution by neglecting the own participation in a disastrous situation and ignoring the most aspects of a supposed problem who remains mostly an avoiding  side issue ignoring the society evidence in the middle of the room.

Their newest brilliant idea, is to …again…re-educate unemployed citizen, by providing them with work for the benefit of society. Means, Gardening for city’s, caring for older, being employed by enterprises who get subventions.

Instead of changing society through real participative democracy and citizen money for all without conditions, what would truly allow real caring and creativity to unfold trusting the human potential truly, the old punitive patronising reflex points up his abusive finger pointing pride, pretending that it will bring back work who has been since long delocalised by a profit driven speculation.

Work deserves an honest salary and not welfare sponsoring of favours done to another group of society expecting privileges and in need of an underpaid class of workers forces to please such a system to obtain the essential for a living.

Instead of repeating these new social insanity’s dividing our democracy, flattering the self worth of a failing middle class with an extreme rigidity towards real changes and still attracted by a disastrous role model of some even more thoughtless abusive wealthy, it is truly time to think about new cooperative inclusive forms of caring for our future.

Our social reality can not be cured by humiliating concepts, but by real engagement . Painting little flowers over capitalist exploitation is simply participation to the evil through superficial absurdity.

The whole system needs to be rethink by all for all.

More news about a non organised majority of protesters in Egypt, please! Sunday, Feb 6 2011 

I am quiet annoyed, when I get the impression that some news are focusing again on the well know groups or celebrity s, who are quiet similar than the repetitive clients of talk shows, pretending to analyse a far more complex situation.

It s the old searching for main figures or main  groups who gain importance through media presence. Journalism is not easy under certain conditions, but lazy journalism exists too, who is too easy satisfied with the usual cliché concepts.

Now, let s hear more from not organised citizen or democratic groups who don’t belong to the Muslim Brotherhood or are well know so called potential leaders  , even if it requires more efforts.

Let s not reduce the dynamic of a situation to an in two minute easy to recognise patterns, fitting in between two advertising sounds.

If we talk about a democratic aim of citizen, lets hear truly from all forces involved.

Serious talk Saturday, Dec 4 2010 

During hysterical political media dramas  unfolds, a philosophical question arise: Is the subjective banality coming from expensive bureaucratic machines perpetuating their own importance,  “good for democracy”?

The flow of subventions Friday, Nov 26 2010 

In these days of European boom and bust hysteria & tristesse , few observations on the side:

If you ask yourself why those who preach water&bread increase their own bureaucracy administering the transfer of our money, remember…its for their best.

If you wonder why a product gets exported and reimported (to repeat!) till the billions are flowing, don’t…subventions have their own  logic .

Ever looked at the agriculture subventions, who finance the replanting of landscapes,  who have been destroyed by the subvention profit of oversized industry farming, only to name one of the many destroy/preserve game absurdity’s.

If you wonder why  “coaching” courses for unemployed get absurd amounts of subvention for even more absurd worthless concepts, one should avoid even mentioning in his CV, if one wants to be taken seriously!…they are “feed the go betweens” lucrative job creations and statistic “improving”.

If you wonder why some forgotten locations (where the jobs got delocalised before!) probably  get “improved” by “art”…from external imported mostly lousy artists. Remember art subvention nepotism exist. locals are only a “to entertain if they want or not ” aspect in that calculation.

New “improved” estates who cant be afforded by the old inhabitants,”improved” new roads and infrastructures leading to hypothetical “improved” futures,” improved” this and “improved” that.

If you expect enterprises to be high tax payers…find out that they know how to avoid it and even get many help to do so, and understand it is  the poor who pay the most.

How much “daily madness” more does it take till citizen get angry?

agents provocateurs Wednesday, Oct 20 2010 

When we observe how peaceful protest of citizen gets denigrated rapidly through violent actions coming out of nowhere , but legitimating counter violence to “bring back order” from those forces who fear the changes those protest could bring, we should question the over emphase media attractivity of such “wild destructive outburst” almost orchestrated to neglect the greater majority of involved protesting citizen.

How many ” destructive protesters” are agents provocateurs or instrumented by them? How does the therm terrorist get use for more control impacting all citizen. How much does the city divided into “good quarters and bad suburbs” to instrument social tension as insecurity factor?

Who has truly an interest to frighten the public ?

To question “evident” situations critically is a must!

Have a deeper view on the pictures !

Falling trees Friday, Oct 1 2010 

I hear about the cutting of old trees in a park to make space for “a project”. I hear old people, young people have been wounded who tried to protect them in a city where normally everything is quiet&bourgeois. Suddenly the citizen understand the violent cynical determination of the “jobs for the boys” clique.

All that is far away but even domesticated media bring glimpse of the world everywhere. Seeing those trees, those people, those mockery lies they face, I had solidarity tears in my eyes too.

2 evil brothers Tuesday, Sep 28 2010 

Having the choice between 2 Miliband brothers (good cop, bad cop distraction) sold as THE alternative , shows that labour goes on playing the apartchi-chic game, like all these disapointing pseudo socialist partys in Europe,  still lost into celebrity carrierism, far, far from a real insighfull reflection about the past disaster of the Blair/Brown support of the neoliberal turbo capitalism surveillance&war machine.

Just another rightwing party in “light rose” amongst other right wing partys is NOT a democratic choice.

High time for a direct democracy(yes WE CAN!) without all this “important” worthless puppets.

Testoterone addiction Monday, Sep 20 2010 

A way to analyse why we have such a run from so many to be such ineffective disastrous “leadership” is understanding as each “winner” situation increases the testosterone level drastically. Measure the fans of both gender of the winning football club and those of the “loser”tribe, and you know what I mean. In case some feels not too self assured about his/her human potential, THAT might help…temporary. But like each addiction, it has to be fuelled AT EACH PRICE..permanently! So, those Hype searchers, those power gamblers in economy, science, politic, everywhere have few less time for the topics they represent. Like each junkies, they are busy “organising” the supply of this “feel good ” and kicking each concurrent in the supply chain down who could set him/her on cold supply cut. We can easily assume that the devastating social coast of this abuse are the highest from all possible drugs.