Capitalism is crashing under his own immensly overrated stupid greed…so, what!….Humanity will survive it! Friday, Aug 19 2011 

I am almost amused seeing exactly those kind of gamblers who create a destructred chaos they, acting out the ‘responsible wise’ of an economy, have elevated to the only
doctrine worth attention. The fashion obedient tie does not make the mature adult. These ridiculous hazardous spirits pretending to care about the safety of countries and the politicians echoing them, makes me think that first, these people are completly missing self irony, and second, that their stiff minds are by far not the full human potential, but only a very narrow option.

The stubborn insistence to pretend saving from disaster by repeating the same absurd non solutions, is more and more looking like as if all those still believing in saving this sinking ship are on a very strange delusional substance.
Could it be they confuse plus value with life energy?
What miserable boring loveless lives, these poor people must have.
Their middle class followers wake up slowly from their dreams of eternal bounty participation and realise it was a pernicious nightmare, but some are still addicted to the mantra, and are willing to follow the worse wannabe leaders who promise to preserve their privileges.
They like to confuse privileges with gratification of their supposed work ethical superiority, when in reality its their own system grooming laziness to include all dimensions which has created the mess for decades. Without a thoughtless middle class, no evil system can function, they are making the evil possible through their unwillingness to oppose themselves to it in an early stage. The middle class are the ones who support dehumanising destruction even if they rant about limited or even surface details. Their main addiction is still to preserve some illusory safeties even under the worse conditions, thinking they deserve it for being seen to behave well.
Those go betweens, who expected to earn more crumbles from the cake, will have to realise their disastrous function in class division.  It is they who have acted the pompous patronising servants to the rich at the expense of the poor. Well obviously that didn’t help! Expecting to preserve their own privileges or a pension, by making other peoples lives more fragile, is not going to work!
Everybody is poor in a dehumanised system and the so-called wealthy even more as they still don’t notice what they are missing in themselves.
As everthing is connected with everything, unbalance affects all.

If we don’t want to suffocate under this inefficiency to cooperate with reality we need to reinvent how we live our lives to preserve life on this planet .

I repeat myself, as I warn since so long….but maybe now it now becomes more evident to many, even if I am sure that some nouveaux riches delusions can be very stubborn.

After having reduced all aspects of life to a resource serving the economical profit of few,
It is necessary to rediscover our true surviving optimum, which was, is and will always be: compassion and solidarity.

I have the impression as this era is ending, a far better life is possible.

About the return of the bourgeoise idea of educating servants Saturday, May 7 2011 

A certain charitable middle class has invented an almost real job solution for the poor, they insist to repeat like one stupid catchphrase more, of the same social worth as many of these brainwashing mantras spread from the media who pretends to solve solution by neglecting the own participation in a disastrous situation and ignoring the most aspects of a supposed problem who remains mostly an avoiding  side issue ignoring the society evidence in the middle of the room.

Their newest brilliant idea, is to …again…re-educate unemployed citizen, by providing them with work for the benefit of society. Means, Gardening for city’s, caring for older, being employed by enterprises who get subventions.

Instead of changing society through real participative democracy and citizen money for all without conditions, what would truly allow real caring and creativity to unfold trusting the human potential truly, the old punitive patronising reflex points up his abusive finger pointing pride, pretending that it will bring back work who has been since long delocalised by a profit driven speculation.

Work deserves an honest salary and not welfare sponsoring of favours done to another group of society expecting privileges and in need of an underpaid class of workers forces to please such a system to obtain the essential for a living.

Instead of repeating these new social insanity’s dividing our democracy, flattering the self worth of a failing middle class with an extreme rigidity towards real changes and still attracted by a disastrous role model of some even more thoughtless abusive wealthy, it is truly time to think about new cooperative inclusive forms of caring for our future.

Our social reality can not be cured by humiliating concepts, but by real engagement . Painting little flowers over capitalist exploitation is simply participation to the evil through superficial absurdity.

The whole system needs to be rethink by all for all.

Learn to listen to Cassandra before they call catastrophes unexpected Monday, Mar 14 2011 

Natural catastrophes are overwhelming situations, humanity has learned to handle with common solidarity over the century.

Human made catastrophes are mostly the results of a long neglect of problems and something we could consider as a partial society amnesia of reality and a hybris projection of the own capacity’s to handle the future.

The problems occurring are than deeper as they have to overcome a generalised desensitisation who had exclude critical voices  out of consciousness. Suddenly the expectation for scientific wonder appears like very irrational wishes for pious miracles who will not come.

Instead of considering nature as our worse enemy and by that also doubting the wisdom of our own nature , let s question ourself if we allow to be impressed by pseudo serious posturing imposing us a highly artificial lifestyle for the sake of some divisive economy and if this is truly a cultivated healthy form of society with life quality hope for future generations.

Dont wait for the next nuclear incidence to change the goals of your society! Sunday, Mar 13 2011 

How often have many of us warned about the use of nuclear power and the increased danger of nuclear energy systems in an earthquake situation ?

After the recent history of Japan, one could have hoped for more thoughtfulness towards that topic. After other situations showing how humans cant control all aspects of this  technology, a stopping of it would have appeared evident.

Too much obedience towards an economical profit orientated society can be considered as dangerous too. Will now, after this terrible disaster come a new thoughtful culture setting other values and goals?

I hear the news and the disinformation . I see how some expected a lost of memory in this generation to build more nuclear reactors worldwide and go on using the old dangerous units. I compare the brochures with the reality. I have enough that our society’s remains under the impact of the careless profit of few. It is our responsibility, what kind of society future we create together. How many more warnings and victims do you need to engage yourself against it, wherever you are?

About charity glamour instead of social justice Saturday, Feb 5 2011 

It is unbelievable to me how much the sub texts behind the noble causes don’t get understood by certain who are captivated by the good outlook of these activities. But maybe this candid innocence is a part of the system.

Some hug little African baby’s…but I hear, investment into bio technology. Some talk about solving malnutrition issues , but it sounds like agro chemical profits. Some talk about overpopulation issues, but are we sure it is not about eugenic ?. Some talk about meritocratic education, but how much is it selection of the  most careless elbows?. Some talk about ecology support, but how much it is simply a marketing strategy? . Some are into donations, but how much is it simply tax deduction and money going towards sub enterprises. How much is it publicity and image improvement?

Are these hearts of gold, generous to their consumer, to the workers working for these enterprises, to the miners digging the resources needed for their products, nature and social environment…?

Common get real…social justice is not about the generosity of the wealthy , it is real social change based on the true awareness of our interconnection and the respect of the human rights for all.

Few thoughts to this world cancer day! Friday, Feb 4 2011 

And again, I heard how important sportive activity and healthy eating are contributing to the prevention of cancer.

Did I miss something or was something missing, like pointing towards the effects of the enormous amount of untested or poisonous chemicals in food, water and environment,who  might have a disastrous effects on our own biology and might contribute to the increasing of cancer and other diseases in our society’s.

I just wonder how much over individualising health issues is just a part of the system delusion who does not want to truly  ask the disturbing questions who might change the whole society towards a greater respect of our true human needs if we face them with courage, but might disturb the profits of few.

Maybe prevention is more than an individual success against multiple unhealthy factors impacting nature.

The “service” society Friday, Dec 17 2010 

I remember comfortable trains  with seats allowing  enough place for legs and bags and few co traveller , going even to less frequented places with affordable for all tickets and easy readable price&time tables. I remember that sending a parcel was less expensive than the inside of the parcel , one had not to wait in long lines and that the parcel mostly truly arrived. I remember a pre “call centre in faraway country’s” real help. I remember people truly involved in their workplace, not only surviving in disposable “jobs”. I remember less ” global speculation investment & logistic “improvement” , but a greater safety of the true functions.

This is not “modernity”, this is the result of neoliberal deregulation.

Dont increase your buisness Sunday, Dec 12 2010 

As this seems to be the most wanted mantra in here, I just write it down with irony, reflecting about this obsession of making “businesses”. The obvious inability to reflect philosophically about this activity supposed to increase the own wealth. I guess it is the highest possible goal to some, the new “religion” of eternal prosperity neglecting the economical, political, social and ecological consequences. Greed is NOT natural to humans, it is the result of a missing of social skills. We have to reflect about a decrease of thoughtless human impact on humanity and the planet. Selling hot air in bags cost real life  quality somewhere. The next crash is in sight in an overblown speculation circus who plays the same old games. What inner poverty, what oral deprivation, what cultural missing of education might push some to this disastrous tunnel vision of life reduced to  “earn cash & consume to be”. How vacuous some life are!

The flow of subventions Friday, Nov 26 2010 

In these days of European boom and bust hysteria & tristesse , few observations on the side:

If you ask yourself why those who preach water&bread increase their own bureaucracy administering the transfer of our money, remember…its for their best.

If you wonder why a product gets exported and reimported (to repeat!) till the billions are flowing, don’t…subventions have their own  logic .

Ever looked at the agriculture subventions, who finance the replanting of landscapes,  who have been destroyed by the subvention profit of oversized industry farming, only to name one of the many destroy/preserve game absurdity’s.

If you wonder why  “coaching” courses for unemployed get absurd amounts of subvention for even more absurd worthless concepts, one should avoid even mentioning in his CV, if one wants to be taken seriously!…they are “feed the go betweens” lucrative job creations and statistic “improving”.

If you wonder why some forgotten locations (where the jobs got delocalised before!) probably  get “improved” by “art”…from external imported mostly lousy artists. Remember art subvention nepotism exist. locals are only a “to entertain if they want or not ” aspect in that calculation.

New “improved” estates who cant be afforded by the old inhabitants,”improved” new roads and infrastructures leading to hypothetical “improved” futures,” improved” this and “improved” that.

If you expect enterprises to be high tax payers…find out that they know how to avoid it and even get many help to do so, and understand it is  the poor who pay the most.

How much “daily madness” more does it take till citizen get angry?

Work “ethic”? Tuesday, Oct 26 2010 

“Work ethic” is a protestant relict like capitalism. Philosophical very questionable in an era where a destructured turbo capitalism is on the edge to kill our specie. Since ever this meme has been used to divide between the “good workers” and those lazy hedonist devoted to the fire of hell and perdition. But seen from near, the ethical dimension is not that evident. Are workers truly suffering from a stupid work delocalised to cheap labour country’s, or from the sense of belonging to a myth of worth through this work. Do we need to keep industries destroying environment going, only because they are supposed to be ” a part of the own self “. In a moment were a gambling neoliberalism spreads illusions about a ” new economical boom” through austerity plans pointing backwards to a pre social capitalism, the time has come to rethink the whole game, instead of getting lost in finger pointing division between those who still have work, (too often go between work administrating the masses of “not winners” in “adaptation courses” who bring “new prosperity” to those inflicting on other the absurd positivist mantras!) and those who don’t, who are supposed to feel sad and ashamed and longing for work under whatever condition and to whatever wage.

Human work has first to make sense, and considering the amount of not pay work millions of humans do daily unnoticed in social or other situations, the main “worth” seems not directly connected to his money “worth”.

Like said before, base income would make us reconsider our vision of “work” not as a form of hierarchical post modern slavery accepted to survive where some work more to earn less for other owning the structures who might or might not work but can make other jump through their speculative greed moves decorated as “creativity&courageous decisions bringing salvation to all!”. Confusing “being a good child” doing his work earning “points” with pleasing an ending driven system could end as immature irresponsible disaster. Lets rediscover the creativity in each humans and see… his dignity too. Lets work on a common redefinition of work for the sake of all.

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