About the attractivity of restrictive concepts of education Sunday, Feb 6 2011 

How much has the middle class assuming of herself to be in the golden middle truth, lost an inner bell who might ring when violence is done to children?
What does it require to a certain class of society to recognise sadism for what it is?
To be an adult, or a parent does not make one spontaneous to a caring wise, and sadly enough reaching over the chain of pain, gets legitimated far too easy. That some still use physical violence is sad enough, but psychological violence has to be seen as harmful too, even if the wounds are first, less visible.
Maybe to be what some would call successful, in our society, some had to repress so much their own natural empathy, that their emotionality points towards thoughtless boredom who confuses each waking up thrill with imposing authority seriousness.
Maybe some yuppies should consider that children are not an extension of their own lifestyle, but real humans who deserve respect and adults who have solved some of their own issues instead of projecting them on the next generation. Each human is unique and requires an individual approach, not  normative rules limiting air in heads and hearts . Ask yourself, do you want unquestioning followers of psychopathic structures or critical self supporting citizen able to love ?



The drugged society Thursday, Sep 30 2010 

Analysing our society without considering the wide use of cocaine as “promotion factor” in yuppie speculative careerist circles, leading to effects like coolness or social disdain, or the passivity created by the wide overuse of tranquilliser leading to a lack of appropriated revolt facing abuses, neglects that under all the “serious surface”, we live in a reality created by drug heads.

We can ad to that, social boozing reducing the faculty to reflect, and other “entertaining” addictions more, deviating the senses from making sense.

Neoliberalism without speed, and postmodernity without mood flatners is like engines without their fuel. All the “normal” junkies taking their little pills to “function well” and all the false hypes full of emptiness sold by marketing pushers and “the show must go on” profiteurs.

High time to detox society before we end as specie as the tragic side issue of a “to consume” reality distortion.

Tatooes,piercing&co or about the absurdity of mass individuality Thursday, Sep 30 2010 

Over the last years a industry, probably in need of new clients, as sheep to mark and sailors to decorate gets less, has impose herself as a new MUST to prove the own sense for “individual” temerity. Considering that this “mass freedom” is just another paradoxum more, as much as the next “revivals” to animate the business, like tribal branding or piercings for truly fashion “victims”.

The need for “strong sensations”, are a sign of  lousy censorial connections, who points towards early censorial deprivation resulting  later in a poor endorphins production . So, what went wrong in those spoiled brats life?

All this is a narcissist desensitisation of the body, reducing him to an “out look” commodity pretending to reflect through decorations many will regret in later years, the inner more valuable “I”.It is as neoplatonist as all body/soul divisions denigrating the body to a faire valoir of the soul.

The REAL individuality is to NOT run on commend to do the “IN” to do.

The skin of a human tells already lots of stories, without placative statements.

Milton s eros Saturday, Sep 25 2010 

Finally we got a gift today, coming to us  through the  dust of history.

Milton s erotic poetry got rediscovered.

Too bad, some of Blake s stronger oeuvre got burned.

Ah, all the pearls dissolved by the vinegar of petty minds deciding for us about the worth of art over the century. All these unrevealed jewels of the spirit we only can experience as energetic echo’s in the dark. Clouded stars  we might meet in the distant fog of the collective unconscious as inspiring dreams and fantasies. Nothing disappears truly forever. The patterns remain.

The natural artist Friday, Sep 24 2010 

If you ask children at pre-school who is an artist, all children say “me!”, if years later you ask older children, you still get some voices, as adults the most pretend to not know how , and to leave that to “professionals”.       WHAT WENT WRONG?

My mother(painter and art  professor) had  show me since early age to see instead of only to “look”, by stepping a bit away from the picture and closing slightly the eyes.
She used to pretend, everybody can paint, once they forget that they have been told that they cant. Creativity is natural to humans, the division from the own potential, comes later as societal dividing “pet training”.

To go through “art training” is one option, but far more important is to be aware of the conditioning who happen, who destroyed the capacity to perceive the world and to communicate it expressively back .

This non perception assuming that art is for “special people”, a restrict boheme  and some “experts” , during the rest of humanity has more “serious” things to do, shows how dangerous creativity&perception is to a dumped downing engine who fears to be seen for what it is.inhuman!

Don t restrain yourself by forcing yourself into “being good” in whatever domain, try to let go and enjoy the playful child in yourself so long forgotten.The inner joy is the way to YOUR  “great art”!

agnostism Friday, Sep 17 2010 

In a time some have succeed to make out of atheism a religion and other act over zealot “pious” fanaticism,
Agnosticism is about the freedom to not get stuck into “believe or non believe” but allows the honesty to not know, to experience with curiosity, to share those experiences open minded, to have few glimpses or not, whatever.

The existential courage of the undogmatic perception of reality.