Revolution… coming to your town too in soon ! Wednesday, May 25 2011 

After some discovered that citizen in distant country’s might demand real democracy’s,
After some discovered that many people around the world wants real changes,

They might discover that even the old empires have many inhabitants who have enough of the hypocrite “profit for few, absurdity for all” game,
and go on the street, on the places, in the parks inventing together another more human society.

The eugenic concepts of the fat cats Saturday, Sep 25 2010 

The more the tax deductible spit on the poor “charity” eugenic concepts shows “who s spirit” our benevolent fat cats are, the more a pleasing reactionary crowd echos them with niced up pseudo concerned fascistoid “viva la muerte” think terminating “easy deadly noises”.

This historical revival of the worse “end solutions” , shows how disconnected such “you first!” people think. To protect the fantasy of their eternal perpetuation of the own petty privileges, they neglect to other the right to live.

As long one over here uses the resources of 100 over there,the solution can hardly be burden on those 100. It is the consummating greedy malfunction of the one who has to be changed.

Considering world population disconnected from resource and social justice, from a pushy suicidal destructured turbo capitalism, from a thoughtless middle class who confuses buying goods with a “good life quality”, is a disconnected absurd short cut.

I suppose that such people assume THEY will be the survivors of a global crash they instrumented.A bit more ecological understanding and a bit less Armageddon hero films would do these wannabe¬† “masterminds” good.

You want less children of the poor, well,¬† stop breeding your own “poor of humanity ” own nepotist bunch than.THAT would maybe bring a change, even if I prefer an inclusive world view accepting each human, even heartbeat frighten “serious ” megalomaniacs in disastrous delusion. I trust into our all deeper potential to make sense in common.

This planet cant afford such careless vanitous predators any more.

But each human is worthily in itself by nature.