After the rain…the smell of cut grass in the sun Wednesday, May 4 2011 

After the precise moves of the scythe

have cut through the grass,

the air is filled with the multiple fragrances of herbs.


Lilac in the air, potatoes in the ground Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 

The lilac is in bloom,

time to plant little purple potatoes,

for a violet dinner, once!

Mistrusted metamorphose of bulbs Tuesday, Apr 12 2011 

Is it a hazard or not,

that many of those flowers who surprise us at spring,

are too often not those we thought we had planted at harvest?

hedgehog at the door Wednesday, Dec 1 2010 

Little hedgehog,

are you not supposed to hibernate ,

instead of sharing with the robin the kitten bowl ?


Late cranes Saturday, Nov 20 2010 

The crane circle above the roof,

a gentle welcome and farewell ,… after all,

NOW the winter can come.

Autumn Thursday, Sep 23 2010 

A certain quality of silent peace in the air                                                                      after the busyness                                                                                                                        the satisfaction of bounty                                                                                                             colourful flowers                                                                                                                               a moment in suspense                                                                                                                       the last sun warmth on the skin                                                                                            with a touch of melancholic wisdom about the coming cold.