Why I am not suprised, that some are surprised about right-wing terror. Monday, Jul 25 2011 

My first intuition, as I heard from this horrible violence inflicted on the Norwegian society was : … a right-winger!. I did not exclude rationaly other options, especially as the insitence to point at islamists was obviously the first reaction of other, but later I was, like often, confirmed to have been right.

My thoughts go first, before I follow my analyse, to the victims, their families and friends who have to face their hurt . I remember holding the hand of someone who had expirienced such a violent intrusion in his life, and was reacting with fear, each time he heard a firework or other sound reminding him his traumatic expirience. I understand how hard it must be for them now, and probably for a long time. May they at least know, that many are feeling with them, and wish that they might find back to a trust into life, this person without empathy has tried to destroy.

The media goes on repeating flat statements about the scandinavian social peacefull coherence, neglecting the increasing destructuration of this concept through a disdainfull nouveaux riches egotism, the confusion assuming that more bureaucracy creates egalitarism, that social control neglecting individuality and social solidarity are the same, and the contradiction of love for nature and resource exploitation for a privileged way of life. Even the classical parties or the media are more and more inclined to use reactionary concepts imposing more rigourosity to hide the disatrous effects of a deregulated market . What is left, is often only the old shine of social concern, which mostly is a puritan vision of a non controvertial/confronterial community.This tendency can be observed in many countries.

The great blindness towards the potential of violence of the extreme right wing is not innocent, it is systematic for those in society who consider it as ethically acceptable to repeat the propaganda phrases of those groups for their own political or social careerism and those who join dehumanised visions dividing humans, out of their own pride issues.

How much is it a cliche to consider psychopathic violence as an unforseeable outburst?
How many look-away situations are included in this concept of destinity?

As long acting cool and careless, dividing society into winner and losers is
too often still considered as virile determinism serving a greed who legitimates herself as worthiness deserving privileges, even if it leads to destruction of democracys, neglect of human needs, social structures and environment for a bit of individual prestige build on vanity….as long this pretend normality is not seen as doing the evil it does, …it will remain difficult to recognise those who overfulfil this attitude sociopathically .

Let s have the courage, to oppose real emotions to violent behaviour.
Cynicism expects to be seen as witty, but our hearts knows that empathy, compassion and solidarity is our real intelligence.


arrogance participation Wednesday, Oct 27 2010 

Have you noticed the slight mocking up lift mouth corner of someone trying to discredit you in an argument? To me, this little visual sign tells me this person has lost eye to eye  respectful authentic contact to me and tries to discredit me by association with some imaginary sense of illusionary superiority, he/she believes into uplifting her by some surreal not shared miracle upon me.

When irony is the last possible hand reached out, cynicism is biting that hand. These days a favourite lazy concept used often by reactionary politicians and their “followers” trying to get rid of deeper reflection by disregarding those asking such questions ( when that does not work, the next behaviour are eyeballs uplift and a foggy look pretending absolute innocence, saying the most venomous discrediting phrases at the same time). The delusion of an hypothetical grandeur build on….whatever the ego got structured with, as this human betrayed once the inner child who felt real emotional needs, replacing those by a false sense of  “belonging to those who own power”, who themselves had to impose it to the outside world to confirm their own inner betraying as “being the right way” to handle reality. A vicious circle as long the self does not say: “the emperor is naked!”, lets truly change the priority’s of  needs and ask back for those essentials. The need for Power is always a sign of inner weakness, missing and  fear.

Disdain is projected self hate. A society build on class division supported by such “cheap importance” attitudes is expressing his own inability to be life supportive. We can expect more of this attitude in the next , with ready made meme phrases repeated by all who have petty privileges in this deviant structures and are scared of changes who might show the fragility of some inner lie s.

Sharing with courage an open heart in an inclusive way even in the controversy, or kicking the other down to show off the own delusion “superiority”, we decide NOW by our communication, the future or non future of humanity.

The overindividualising of human issues Friday, Oct 8 2010 

The obvious inability to integrate environmental, social, and global  aspects  in the “solutions” proposed to “cure” are a determinate miss function who aims not to help those affected, but to prevent the greater structure of being seen as a source of dehumanising danger.

Instead of acknowledging our all interconnection , where each of us is impacted and impacts the greater whole, we get spoon feed with “each his own” soup,to  hope that prevention campaign of detection are THE help, neglecting a  critical view on the real factors impacting our body/minds. Same goes for mood flatteners, supposed to  make people fit in back into their “normal life”, unquestioned how deregulated and disconnected from the unconscious common feeling that “something goes very wrong and might kill our specie”and nothing truly is done to prevent it.All this calmed down avoided feelings like sadness&anger NOT FELT missed as “changing motor” of conditions.

Same goes for economy “experts” still postulating such patronising nonsense like: “if the poor would educate themselves, they would reach the pot of honey too and improve our society”, despite the increasing wealth distancing nepotism and the immense amount of high diplomaed skilled persons send to the purgatory of “write your CV 100 X!” mocking statistic “improving courses” of readaptation to a cynical delocalising system.

Ecology and quantum physic amongst other sciences & art, are clearly pointing towards a greater interactive  “I” . To neglect it is mechanical  isolationism.

The idea behind all this “shame on you, you loser if you fail to be happy & wealthy !” deviant memes, is evident. Even those hiding behind  the walls of “good side of the fence” are simply postponing their own involved issues, if they avoid being one of us.

Lets rediscover SOLDARITY as real base of change&health.

It might be a relief to see further than the own navel in despair and figuring out that “our” missfortunes are everybody s reality, and we are all in the same boat .





Testoterone addiction Monday, Sep 20 2010 

A way to analyse why we have such a run from so many to be such ineffective disastrous “leadership” is understanding as each “winner” situation increases the testosterone level drastically. Measure the fans of both gender of the winning football club and those of the “loser”tribe, and you know what I mean. In case some feels not too self assured about his/her human potential, THAT might help…temporary. But like each addiction, it has to be fuelled AT EACH PRICE..permanently! So, those Hype searchers, those power gamblers in economy, science, politic, everywhere have few less time for the topics they represent. Like each junkies, they are busy “organising” the supply of this “feel good ” and kicking each concurrent in the supply chain down who could set him/her on cold supply cut. We can easily assume that the devastating social coast of this abuse are the highest from all possible drugs.