Even if the new debate about the integral veil has been clearly a populism of the right wing government to distract from his social inefficacy,  I am not going to make the mistake to assume that it is a progressive combat to fight for the pretend freedom to hide away the female face .

Considering the provocative use of this kind of clothes by a very small minority of  Muslim political fundamentalist in need of attention (the opposite of what the veil is supposed to prevent in public), I welcome this law reaffirming the respect of France as a lay society.

I myself find it very offensive and trespassing my sense for privacy to be forced to an over intimacy into the space of the eyes of another person as only communication  indication  . What kind of concept about men does such a costume affirm ?

I have the feeling that reactionary doctrines are well shared by people of all boards flattering their own pride, who think that everything opposes them. Same kind of limited view on reality.