le jour, la nuit, le son distant des moissoneuses en debut d ete. Friday, Jul 22 2011 

(Ecrit fin juin sur mon cahier!.)
Ils recoltes si tot,
que vont-ils faire
des champs nus,
jusqu a l automne?

Les hatifs avides de future,
ont transforme le climat,
jusqu a ce que les saisons,
manque de temps.


Un moment tactile fugace grace a une simple feuille verte pleine de vie au printemps Wednesday, Apr 13 2011 

J aime toucher les jeunes feuilles vertes et douces, au printemps.

Que dire de plus,

le bonheur est parfois un si simple geste.

Inondation previsible Sunday, Dec 12 2010 

La coupe des buissons, le drainage des champs, la canalisation “moderne”, le changement climatique ont double rapidement le volume de la petite riviere  apres la fonte de la neige, maintenant elle ondule  perdue dans les champs, ayant quitte son lit tranquille.

Does TV cooking feed us truly? Thursday, Oct 28 2010 

One of the favourite cheap TV screen filling productions these days are “cooking shows” or even worse, competition cooking shows where severe cook decide about the ability’s to “please” of competition hungry attention seekers.

A farce considering that the most watching these  “masterpieces” are eating profit driven lousy food “oeuvres” instead of simple natural food who turned to be now “elite reserved”.

Is virtual “cuisine” not just another deprivation, deviating the attention from our true needs to obsessive considerations limiting us to an horizon not trespassing the limits of our plate? Are we suppose to salivate at the sound of the bell of eternal bounty filled with virtual  inflationary recipe and to retrograde to an oral immaturity willing to welcome each dissatisfaction  served by a new “boom”? Guess some plates will remain empty!


Robin on a branch Saturday, Oct 23 2010 

A robin and I had a conversation

both bowing the heads like old polite japanese,

each time we exchanged few noises.

Red moon Friday, Oct 15 2010 

Into the sparkling star full blue night, a red crescent of disappearing moon over the hill.

Once they told, a sign of passionate changes.

look out, they might have been right!

autumn afternoon Tuesday, Oct 5 2010 

The view from the hill

sitting on a bag of chestnuts

watching the wild horses in their valley

falling leaves, smoke& mushrooms

rich brown earth full of rain

green patches of winter wheat

dark woods, and yellow bushes

immanent peace in suspense.