Many realise that the old systems who rule our society have failed and have to be replaced by direct democratic participations of all citizen.

But on the way, it is necessary to question the concept that those who incarnate the old nepotist greed structure are “powerful”. They might be often dangerous to individuals or humanity, but out of their fears , not their strengths .Only insecure weak people  have an interest to dominate other.Only people with a low self-esteem  fancy “superiority” pride. Only people not loved as they are,  expect to be no more in need through “success”. Only uncreative people  search for control.Only people with a inner poverty might consider wealth as an achievement goal. Only philosophically uncultivated people worship tacky symbols supposed to impress other ,when being an authentic human is the greatest possible delight and attractive by nature.

The problem is not the great power we face, but the great weakness of those poor co-human lost in delusion about their own need to demonstrate their superficial importance in an interconnected system where everybody impacts in each instant everything on this world .  Lets not overfeed them with paradox “admiration”.