Stop to bow to lobbyists explaining your life Tuesday, Mar 15 2011 

They say, they did not see it coming,

They will say its nobody s fault,

They say a lot of meaningless lies,

They don’t talk to their own souls.


The blood of culture is revolt! Monday, Feb 7 2011 

Even if culture has been kidnapped as faire valoir by a boring and bored bourgoisie, it was each time the sparkle of a new thinking, a new feeling a revolt against the mainstream mind.

I hear the wind of revolt in Mahler, Beethoven,  Schubert. I read it in the antic Greek philosophy, in medieval poetry. I see it in the impressionist, in the first hand spit on a wall, in each expression of human creativity who was a risk at his time and not a flattery of the wealthy.

Use culture shamelessly for your inner strength, listen to his hidden neglected power. Don’t stop at the surface concept using it for class division.

Lets us re-appropriate this wild deep spirit in it back! It is our all hard gain heritage who might help us to survive the driven short thought determinist.

They don’t fear anything more than creative sparkles of intelligence trespassing there own mind limitations. And nothing protects one more than the wisdom to know to be in a long lineage of courageous human.

Culture is a superbly dangerous revolutionary tool!

It s spring…time for revolution! Monday, Feb 7 2011 

Spring wakes up strong,

bursting green and blue,

joyful birds, folks in love,

on the street is revolution,

juicy renaissance overcomes each winter !



Irish protests Sunday, Nov 28 2010 

Don t tell me, they believed neoliberal fortune is eternal!

Sometimes I get bored of those who complain after the evident crash, that an abusive divisive system does not “work”!

Solidarity to all who knew it and did something against it before!

agents provocateurs Wednesday, Oct 20 2010 

When we observe how peaceful protest of citizen gets denigrated rapidly through violent actions coming out of nowhere , but legitimating counter violence to “bring back order” from those forces who fear the changes those protest could bring, we should question the over emphase media attractivity of such “wild destructive outburst” almost orchestrated to neglect the greater majority of involved protesting citizen.

How many ” destructive protesters” are agents provocateurs or instrumented by them? How does the therm terrorist get use for more control impacting all citizen. How much does the city divided into “good quarters and bad suburbs” to instrument social tension as insecurity factor?

Who has truly an interest to frighten the public ?

To question “evident” situations critically is a must!

Have a deeper view on the pictures !

Falling trees Friday, Oct 1 2010 

I hear about the cutting of old trees in a park to make space for “a project”. I hear old people, young people have been wounded who tried to protect them in a city where normally everything is quiet&bourgeois. Suddenly the citizen understand the violent cynical determination of the “jobs for the boys” clique.

All that is far away but even domesticated media bring glimpse of the world everywhere. Seeing those trees, those people, those mockery lies they face, I had solidarity tears in my eyes too.