Why I am not suprised, that some are surprised about right-wing terror. Monday, Jul 25 2011 

My first intuition, as I heard from this horrible violence inflicted on the Norwegian society was : … a right-winger!. I did not exclude rationaly other options, especially as the insitence to point at islamists was obviously the first reaction of other, but later I was, like often, confirmed to have been right.

My thoughts go first, before I follow my analyse, to the victims, their families and friends who have to face their hurt . I remember holding the hand of someone who had expirienced such a violent intrusion in his life, and was reacting with fear, each time he heard a firework or other sound reminding him his traumatic expirience. I understand how hard it must be for them now, and probably for a long time. May they at least know, that many are feeling with them, and wish that they might find back to a trust into life, this person without empathy has tried to destroy.

The media goes on repeating flat statements about the scandinavian social peacefull coherence, neglecting the increasing destructuration of this concept through a disdainfull nouveaux riches egotism, the confusion assuming that more bureaucracy creates egalitarism, that social control neglecting individuality and social solidarity are the same, and the contradiction of love for nature and resource exploitation for a privileged way of life. Even the classical parties or the media are more and more inclined to use reactionary concepts imposing more rigourosity to hide the disatrous effects of a deregulated market . What is left, is often only the old shine of social concern, which mostly is a puritan vision of a non controvertial/confronterial community.This tendency can be observed in many countries.

The great blindness towards the potential of violence of the extreme right wing is not innocent, it is systematic for those in society who consider it as ethically acceptable to repeat the propaganda phrases of those groups for their own political or social careerism and those who join dehumanised visions dividing humans, out of their own pride issues.

How much is it a cliche to consider psychopathic violence as an unforseeable outburst?
How many look-away situations are included in this concept of destinity?

As long acting cool and careless, dividing society into winner and losers is
too often still considered as virile determinism serving a greed who legitimates herself as worthiness deserving privileges, even if it leads to destruction of democracys, neglect of human needs, social structures and environment for a bit of individual prestige build on vanity….as long this pretend normality is not seen as doing the evil it does, …it will remain difficult to recognise those who overfulfil this attitude sociopathically .

Let s have the courage, to oppose real emotions to violent behaviour.
Cynicism expects to be seen as witty, but our hearts knows that empathy, compassion and solidarity is our real intelligence.


Strange spring, petals and particles in the air Saturday, Mar 26 2011 

I hear, the victims in Japan need our charity. I had heard, Japan is one of the richest country in the world with a high grade of social and technological sophistication.

How comes, the help given to those poor people, reminds me the situation once in New Orleans?

The solidarity I can have, is feeling with the simple people who show their feelings …it is human!. I don’t join in, praising the so called special character in adversity. Do I hear from their own wealthy people helping ? Don t be too humble telling, beside stock market stabilisation and production concerns. At least, I see some in the population getting angry, and I hear even system critical voices inside the country. At least, they know that Japan s culture is not only about obedience.

Remember, the Chernobyl disaster was also at spring, when all wanted to enjoy life after a long winter. And here we go again. I feel sad looking at my garden . How must it be, to look at nature these days over there.

Dont wait for the next nuclear incidence to change the goals of your society! Sunday, Mar 13 2011 

How often have many of us warned about the use of nuclear power and the increased danger of nuclear energy systems in an earthquake situation ?

After the recent history of Japan, one could have hoped for more thoughtfulness towards that topic. After other situations showing how humans cant control all aspects of this  technology, a stopping of it would have appeared evident.

Too much obedience towards an economical profit orientated society can be considered as dangerous too. Will now, after this terrible disaster come a new thoughtful culture setting other values and goals?

I hear the news and the disinformation . I see how some expected a lost of memory in this generation to build more nuclear reactors worldwide and go on using the old dangerous units. I compare the brochures with the reality. I have enough that our society’s remains under the impact of the careless profit of few. It is our responsibility, what kind of society future we create together. How many more warnings and victims do you need to engage yourself against it, wherever you are?

About charity glamour instead of social justice Saturday, Feb 5 2011 

It is unbelievable to me how much the sub texts behind the noble causes don’t get understood by certain who are captivated by the good outlook of these activities. But maybe this candid innocence is a part of the system.

Some hug little African baby’s…but I hear, investment into bio technology. Some talk about solving malnutrition issues , but it sounds like agro chemical profits. Some talk about overpopulation issues, but are we sure it is not about eugenic ?. Some talk about meritocratic education, but how much is it selection of the  most careless elbows?. Some talk about ecology support, but how much it is simply a marketing strategy? . Some are into donations, but how much is it simply tax deduction and money going towards sub enterprises. How much is it publicity and image improvement?

Are these hearts of gold, generous to their consumer, to the workers working for these enterprises, to the miners digging the resources needed for their products, nature and social environment…?

Common get real…social justice is not about the generosity of the wealthy , it is real social change based on the true awareness of our interconnection and the respect of the human rights for all.

Irish protests Sunday, Nov 28 2010 

Don t tell me, they believed neoliberal fortune is eternal!

Sometimes I get bored of those who complain after the evident crash, that an abusive divisive system does not “work”!

Solidarity to all who knew it and did something against it before!

A bird in the fresh air of autumn Sunday, Nov 21 2010 

Leaving the flog,

flying backwards,

to support some leftovers.

The essential written with wings in the sky!

Is the middle class waking up out of her beauty sleep? Sunday, Oct 24 2010 

Underneath all the demonstrations in many country’s theses days, one hope seems to be in common for a change of society.

Pointing at the abusive elite  is one necessity. I simply ask myself if enough will also point at their own life choices and lifestyle in the last decades who has been too often out of  participation advantages to this game, “security” decisions, or simply lazy mainstream following, the oil instead of the grain of sand in the system.

Only if we are willing to truly be introspective, the hopes will not remain hidden heart wishes, but courageous demands leading to REAL changes.


Miners in a media circus Friday, Oct 15 2010 

Each who knows the life&work conditions of those miners who got saved under the spotlights of a worldwide media hype (who by the way, cared far less at the last earthquake affecting Chile), and the political nationalist instrumentation of this event, wonders in what conditions they will get send back, once the media circus finds new “news filling”  victim’s.

After the promises of better futures, will true changes occurs ?

Some “sound good noises” covers dark reality’s.


Strike in France Tuesday, Oct 12 2010 

Today, France citizen in many ways will demonstrate their opposition to a government stubbornly ignoring them. This strike day affecting all aspects of life might not be the last one and is supported by a great majority of the population.

It is about the unwillingness of the population to rise the age of pension. One more of the neoliberal austerity meme they try to spread after having spoonfeed the banks with billions, in great fast easynes.

The population sees the cynical lies of a greedy turbo capitalism wishing to go back to a pre social eara, pretending to “care”, when they only care about their own petty privileges and profits.

I see the easy spread mockery clichés about “french, demonstrations & strikes”, but let me say it loud to those ears still covered by the “sound good noises” of an aspiring reactionary class , who will have to face in soon their own decline in the next crash. More and more people worldwide wake up to the abuse done to democracy and humanity, and consider the patronising attitude as a unbearable arrogance done to mature citizen.Those country’s wannabe elites lost the most in a market legitimation of class division will act the most upnose towards citizen protest on the street. Who cares about their disdain, the sign of their social fear. Don t let yourself be fooled by some brainwashing media playing those protests down. Its NOT about a “minority”, millions on the streets are not a “minority”,  it is about an angry population acting in civism for their rights. Solidarity is our best common surviving tool.

Lets follow the bare breasted liberty,

Vive la republique  solidaire!