Capitalism is crashing under his own immensly overrated stupid greed…so, what!….Humanity will survive it! Friday, Aug 19 2011 

I am almost amused seeing exactly those kind of gamblers who create a destructred chaos they, acting out the ‘responsible wise’ of an economy, have elevated to the only
doctrine worth attention. The fashion obedient tie does not make the mature adult. These ridiculous hazardous spirits pretending to care about the safety of countries and the politicians echoing them, makes me think that first, these people are completly missing self irony, and second, that their stiff minds are by far not the full human potential, but only a very narrow option.

The stubborn insistence to pretend saving from disaster by repeating the same absurd non solutions, is more and more looking like as if all those still believing in saving this sinking ship are on a very strange delusional substance.
Could it be they confuse plus value with life energy?
What miserable boring loveless lives, these poor people must have.
Their middle class followers wake up slowly from their dreams of eternal bounty participation and realise it was a pernicious nightmare, but some are still addicted to the mantra, and are willing to follow the worse wannabe leaders who promise to preserve their privileges.
They like to confuse privileges with gratification of their supposed work ethical superiority, when in reality its their own system grooming laziness to include all dimensions which has created the mess for decades. Without a thoughtless middle class, no evil system can function, they are making the evil possible through their unwillingness to oppose themselves to it in an early stage. The middle class are the ones who support dehumanising destruction even if they rant about limited or even surface details. Their main addiction is still to preserve some illusory safeties even under the worse conditions, thinking they deserve it for being seen to behave well.
Those go betweens, who expected to earn more crumbles from the cake, will have to realise their disastrous function in class division.  It is they who have acted the pompous patronising servants to the rich at the expense of the poor. Well obviously that didn’t help! Expecting to preserve their own privileges or a pension, by making other peoples lives more fragile, is not going to work!
Everybody is poor in a dehumanised system and the so-called wealthy even more as they still don’t notice what they are missing in themselves.
As everthing is connected with everything, unbalance affects all.

If we don’t want to suffocate under this inefficiency to cooperate with reality we need to reinvent how we live our lives to preserve life on this planet .

I repeat myself, as I warn since so long….but maybe now it now becomes more evident to many, even if I am sure that some nouveaux riches delusions can be very stubborn.

After having reduced all aspects of life to a resource serving the economical profit of few,
It is necessary to rediscover our true surviving optimum, which was, is and will always be: compassion and solidarity.

I have the impression as this era is ending, a far better life is possible.


Learn to listen to Cassandra before they call catastrophes unexpected Monday, Mar 14 2011 

Natural catastrophes are overwhelming situations, humanity has learned to handle with common solidarity over the century.

Human made catastrophes are mostly the results of a long neglect of problems and something we could consider as a partial society amnesia of reality and a hybris projection of the own capacity’s to handle the future.

The problems occurring are than deeper as they have to overcome a generalised desensitisation who had exclude critical voices  out of consciousness. Suddenly the expectation for scientific wonder appears like very irrational wishes for pious miracles who will not come.

Instead of considering nature as our worse enemy and by that also doubting the wisdom of our own nature , let s question ourself if we allow to be impressed by pseudo serious posturing imposing us a highly artificial lifestyle for the sake of some divisive economy and if this is truly a cultivated healthy form of society with life quality hope for future generations.

It s spring…time for revolution! Monday, Feb 7 2011 

Spring wakes up strong,

bursting green and blue,

joyful birds, folks in love,

on the street is revolution,

juicy renaissance overcomes each winter !



How I realised that meditation could sometimes just be another form of addiction Monday, Jan 24 2011 

After years of meditation, I realised that even meditation can become a form of addiction, were one imagine to not be truly oneself without this regular behaviour. Habits, even so called good ones, might create a false concept of safety…if…one does that, takes that, follows that, ….well, relays on a self inflicted ritual. I stopped it straight away!
Now, I only meditate, rarely, when I truly have the wish to do it.

Meditation can be relaxing and might even increase awareness, but beware of any habit one does not truly practice out of free will any more, but one ends even in a subtle manner,  the mental slave of it to go on with one s life.

Meditation as compulsory behaviour is just another drug, an escapism…simply with a better image to a certain group of society, who would probably never consider themselves critical in that matter, would even try to get other into the same practice, and would even assume that it would help those other they would consider as drug addicts, they might finger point at, looking benevolently down , imposing their patronising practice as a form of salvation. Never trying meditation might be experience avoiding, imagining meditation  will solve the worlds issues, too.

If we are more aware through meditation, let s use this awareness all the way long, reflecting what we do, and why we do it. Mistrust those who tells you, meditation is giving up thinking. Beware of flat and easy therm definitions assuming too fast, the  quality of systems and situations. Is Meditation truly good for you, is it not good for you? Think a minute before you answer! What do you truly feel about it? Spitting out a ready to mind cliché might not point towards more inner perception! Maybe meditation might lead one to drop meditation, and consider life in itself as a permanent form of awareness experience. Maybe the reality is more complex than a fast obligatory success story news!

About the absurdity of “self”control Saturday, Dec 18 2010 

I often read people assuming that they will achieve a “higher”level of consciousness by CONTROLLING their self ,what mostly results in controlling their emotions.

In that absurd inner battle we can ask: who controls whom, and who controls the controller controlling?

A very funny neoplatonist(division between “higher” soul/”lower” animal) con artist trick of the head ego demanding subordination from those “wild” feelings unable to “fit in” the expected narcissistic concept.

This attempts bound to fail for evident reasons, will only lead to a false attitude, and an inflationary unconscious ready to burst at the slightest contradiction of the expected effect of such a “pet training”.

Instead of this anal retentive attempt to “control life”, a culture of self acceptance would be of great worth to humanity.

A bit more open minded curiosity without conceptual predeterminism, allowing paradoxes , surprises and changes might allow the human potential to truly be. Some might be frighten by the WHOLE “self” as it might point towards a self far more meaningful as a temporary society pleasing ego.

I welcome self authenticity.


“Spiritual”coaches Saturday, Dec 11 2010 

I just read some article about the power (ever noticed, it s always about the “power”) of honesty.

I had a big laugh and thought, I highly doubt it will go that far that they tell  the true change phobic middle class followers, the harsh truth that neoliberalism is deeply unhealthy, that authenticity is not the path to “more wealth” and “more success”, and no, nerds don’t turn into frogs to kiss.

The black hole of reality avoidance of a certain “spiritual” scene is built on  mistrust towards honesty. Assuming that the ability to make pleasing “sound good noises”, which feed their own wealth, is the greater inner achievement as opposed to  sharing  a “disastrous” common ground  of REAL care.

Such a waste of precious life time and energy, so needed for AUTHENTIC social and ecological engagement. This sugar glazing of the worst systems for the sake of “don’t think too deep, smile to pseudo solutions” gives me a deep sensation of  disgust and sadness about cliché fulfilling double languages pretending to “help” the world. Spirituality is not about selling “nicely wrapped” sweets.



Enlightement is not a “diploma” Sunday, Nov 21 2010 

The linear assumption that enlightenment is the result of being a “good child” behaving mannered, and by that obtaining a success falling out of the sky….ONCE, in a procrastinated far future….is imposing ego society pleasing rules on a natural spiritual reality, and by that avoiding the real thing.

The courage to be authentic and aware without second hand dogma gratification  thoughts , increases the perception for the immanence of the interconnected energy. But, more as a side effect, not as a goal to achieve.

Instead of “spiritual” point collecting  entertainment, instead of “spiritual” tourism and ” spiritual” feel good group pressure, simply BEING “it”, whatever “it” just is , paradoxes and “not knowing” included!

A bird in the fresh air of autumn Sunday, Nov 21 2010 

Leaving the flog,

flying backwards,

to support some leftovers.

The essential written with wings in the sky!

Neo colonial “spiritual” market Friday, Nov 19 2010 

First version (the most evident one!) is the export of the own religious concept in a missionary way to other country’s and mostly to those class of society who are easy targets for proselytism. See the evangelic sects in Brazil , Africa or amongst the Rom community or other self declared “light bringers” of any pious zealot background using their doctrine versions to gain worldly power.

Second version, the import (and export through those guru&sect “wisdom”marketing delivery country’s) of “holiness” through a common meme of a better “Asian spirituality” avoiding the issues in those country’s like social apartheid or corruption to full fill a gap of sense of the middle class unwilling to truly change globally the parameters towards more social justice impacting the own wealth& lifestyle, but wants “nice”(nescius/ignorant) recomfort through  golden member club “being good” group belonging in tourist “relaxing” exclusivity, exotic enough to not recognise the feudal authoritarian neoplatonism of body(animal)/mind(soul) split they might have had the wish to overcome “at home” and the “not spiritual at all social&ecological ” environment” (the use of coloured glasses recommended).Not to mention the multiple “feel good, get successful, everything is fine !” business mixing all kind of superficial imported and home grown “its your own luck if life smiles at you in turbo capitalism”affirmations to a cynical cocktail . A distraction more from reality.

On a cross point of history, we can either retrograde to a fantasy of immature subordination to dogmas (and clergy’s and “enlighten”  father/mother figures…assuming enlightenment as another hierarchical wealth resource “for the best”) pretending to “care” for us (please leave your critical mind at the door!) or mature up to a responsible common handling of a disastrous reality, with self awareness in the individual and interconnected sense.

Red moon Friday, Oct 15 2010 

Into the sparkling star full blue night, a red crescent of disappearing moon over the hill.

Once they told, a sign of passionate changes.

look out, they might have been right!

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