How much heat do we truly “need”? Monday, Dec 20 2010 

From year to year , I need less heat at winter.

A little wood fire to cock the meal or a bit in the evening and that’s it.

Wrapped in blankets and half gloves when I write,

Onion layers of pullovers & clothes,

Thick old walls, walking &working outside,

well covered at night,

An epigenetic memory of those ancestors, who survived with less”comfort”, like making friendship with a colder season, and being surprised about the own capacity to handle it.

The “normal” heated houses and stores appears terribly overheated, and strangely tiring. After visiting them, I feel a lost of energy.

A little bit more freedom !


hedgehog at the door Wednesday, Dec 1 2010 

Little hedgehog,

are you not supposed to hibernate ,

instead of sharing with the robin the kitten bowl ?